Arlington™ TVBRA3K TV BRIDGE™ II Kit Power/Low-Voltage (2-Gang Box & 1-Gang Box | White)


Arlington™ TVBRA3K TV BRIDGE™ II Kit Power/Low-Voltage (2-Gang Box & 1-Gang Box | White)

Sick of unsightly wires and power cords under your wall-mounted HDTV? Wishing you could make the tangled mess somehow… invisible? You can! Hide your cords out of sight with an in-wall option – without sacrificing functionality and accessibility. This electrical box kit includes all you need for flush-to-the-wall flat screen (LCD, LED, and Plasma) TV installations (and additional components). Great for retrofit and existing locations, this TV BRIDGE™ II Kit makes installation a breeze.


Fast and Easy

Installation is faster because the advance assembly work has been done for you! You will get a fully assembled, recessed box, with pre-wired receptacle, device, flexible cord and cord grip. All you need to do is cut (2) openings into the wall, near a power source. The mounting wing screws will hold the boxes securely against the wall, and the plugs and connections stay inside the recessed box allowing the mounted TV to sit flush to the wall. The wires also stay hidden behind the wall, so everything looks clean and neat – with little effort!


Pre-Wired Means No Electrician Required!

Easily relocate power to your wall-mounted HDTV without the need of an electrician. The boxes can also be installed horizontally or vertically allowing you more versatility and confidence when planning your install.


Power and Low Voltage

Not only does this kit provide the means for the power cord to travel through the wall to an outlet, but it also gives you a single pass-through for your low voltage cabling, such as HDMI, VGA, Coax, etc. This setup leaves the option open for the low voltage cables to be run through the wall to a different location than the power – such as an AV rack at the back of the room, out of sight. It features (1) 2-Gang Power/Low-Voltage Box and (1) 1-Gang Power Box. Everything is neatly contained within the TV BRIDGE II™ Kit, with convenient access to your television – without the clutter.


Included in the Box

Inside the box: (1) 2-Gang Power/Low-Voltage Box and (1) 1-Gang Power Box, 7’ of non-metallic sheathed cable connected to pre-wired 4’ 110V outlet plug, trim, and face plate. Installation screws attached.



Arlington™ has been a leading manufacturer of quality electrical products and fittings since its founding in 1949. The company manufactures products that meet or exceed the changing needs of electrical distributors and contractors, with the vast majority produced in America.

Description: Two-Gang TV Bridge II Kit
Weight: 2.102 lbs
Color: White
Material: Paintable Plastic
Style: (1) 2-Gang Power/Low-Voltage Box and (1) 1-Gang Power
Trade Size: (1) 2-Gang / (1) 1-Gang
Usage: Keep Wires Hidden Behind the Wall and Install a Flat Screen TV Flat Against the Wall

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