6.5″ 2-Way, In-Wall, Full Range Loudspeaker

The easy to install WS651FL is a full-range In-Wall loudspeaker

that incorporates an Injection Molded Carbon Fiber woofer with a butyl rubber surround and an aluminum dome Ferrofluid cooled tweeter. This tweeter allows for deeper penetration into the room and concentrated sound to the sweet spot. This revolutionary combination provides superior and more natural sound for both foreground and background applications.

The FastLoc grill patent no. 8,422,722, is a feature found only at Current Audio. Our design has allowed for the smallest exposed plastic bezel in the industry, truly making it disappear into the mounting surface. The FastLoc grill’s unique patent pending mechanism allows for a quick installation and removal of the grill while securely fastening it in place to all types of mounting surfaces. Due to the unique design the grill will conform to uneven surfaces including popcorn, heavy textured and uneven ceilings. While our competitors have chosen to utilize magnets in their designs thus requiring the use of a steel grill that will rust our design allows us to use corrosion and rust resistant aluminum.

Driver Material: Injection Molded Carbon Fiber

• This material is injection molded in a plastic injection molding machining. The material itself contains cross-linked fibers of carbon fiber.

• This material is very stiff with low mass. It is a neutral sounding material that has great midrange response and bass response.

• This is a difficult material to work with. The cross-linked carbon fiber if not processed correctly can produce a driver cone that is not of even density. This results in distorted midrange. Very few manufacturers use this material because of the processing challenges during the molding process. We have several years experience in perfecting the processing and it results in a superior cone material at a cost just above an entry level product with enhanced performance.

Tweeter Material: Aluminum Dome Tweeter

• This tweeter dome material is not your normal aluminum dome. It is a specially produced aluminum alloy with a hard coat anodized coating.

• This dome allows for minimum distortion of the upper dome in the higher frequency ranges.

• The majority of the energy of the tweeter dome comes from the largest diameter of the dome’s sphere. The majority of the acoustical energy does not come from the center of the dome as most people think. In fact, the center of the dome’s sphere usually breaks up and causes distortion.

Weight 22.00 lbs





1" Tweeter, 6.5" Woofer


Power Handling



40Hz – 20kHz



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