Jamo® 93927 IW 608 FG 8” 2-Way In-Wall Loudspeaker (White | Pair)


Jamo® IW 608 FG 8” 2-Way In-Wall Loudspeaker (White | Pair)

As part of the 600 Custom series, IW 608 FG has a rich, open acoustic perspective and the unique Jamo SoundAngle™ technology, which makes it possible to angle sound (30 degrees) downward, ideal for when you want to place your speakers high above the listening position. It is the perfect choice for extending or boosting your Jamo C 600 series sound system, without having to add more box speakers. The IW 608 FG has a subtle presence in any room until you hear it.

High-Efficiency Sound Technology

The IW 608 FG is a feature-packed speaker that uses an 8-inch honeycomb woofer, a 1.5-inch silk dome midrange and a 1-inch DTT silk dome tweeter to deliver remarkably accurate sound, tailored to its in-wall design. SoundAngle™ allows you to fine tune the IW 608 FG to the optimum listening angle in the room. This Decoupled Tweeter Technology (DTT) eliminates unwanted vibration that colors sound, while the Hard Conical Cone creates clear, detailed sound with virtually no distortion. What’s more, the WaveGuide tweeter faceplate design controls the sound performance for open, dynamic sound.

High-Performance Features

The Jamo IW 608 FG in-wall loudspeaker is packed with high-performance features: a center plug to replace traditional dust cap, for cooler, more stable sound reproduction, a paintable grille attaches easily and to blends invisibly in any room, and adjustable tweeter and impedance level allow you to tailor the sound to the room.

Simple Installation

The speaker’s plastic ‘bridge’ make installation very easy as you can safely use this as a handle leaving your other hand free for holding a drill, screwdriver etc. The speaker is a one-piece item which means that you only needs to make one visit to the customer to mount it. The grille covers the whole of the speaker which makes painting the product both simpler and quicker as you don’t need to paint the speaker itself. Once installed, the speaker blends seamlessly into the wall so all you notice is the remarkably detailed, great sound.

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