The K-9600 is, at its core, a twelve-channel audio distribution amp… but it can also do so many other things.

The K-9600 is a twelve-channel audio distribution amp that can be configured for six stereos 4 Ohm/8 Ohm zones (30W/channel @ 8 Ohms; 50W/channel @ 4 Ohms); but it can also be configured for six stereo 70/100V zones (30W/channel); or three high powered bridged zones (100W @ 8 Ohms). By the way, the K-9600can be configured for any combination of stereo 4 Ohms/8 Ohms, 8 Ohms bridged and 70/100V zones all at the same time!

And there’s more. Each zone can be controlled via IR or RS232 for ON/OFF, Input, Volume/Mute, Treble/Bass and Left/Right Balance. The RS232 section is bi-directional with an easy to configure command structure. The K-9600 can be configured to automatically send zone status updates or respond to queries to confirm zone status and settings. Commands for volume, treble/bass and balance can be specific values or step commands depending upon the control application.

The K-9600 has an Audio Bus IN that can be manually selected by IR commands, RS232 commands or voltage trigger. The voltage trigger will switch a zone to the Audio Bus IN as long as there is voltage present on the zone Line/Bus Trigger IN. When the voltage is cut, the zone automatically switches back to the zone Line IN. Great for momentary switching to an audio page on the Bus IN!

Each zone has a Mute Trigger IN that will mute zone audio when voltage is present on the Mute Trigger IN. When the voltage is cut, the zone audio output resumes.

Each zone has a 12VDC Status or Control OUT that can be used to activate a zone specific voltage controlled device or otherwise indicate zone ON/OFF status.

Each zone has a -20dB audio limiter to prevent incidental peaks from becoming consequential damage.

The K-9600 features a Remote Bypass switch that allows/blocks IR and RS232 commands from select zones for zones that are intended to be user controlled or set and not messed with.

Finally, the K-9600 has a 110~120V/220~240V select switch allowing it to be used just about anywhere there is AC Voltage.

  • Each zone can independently select a zone-specific stereo audio source or the global mono Audio Bus input (unbalanced)
  • Each zone can be independently configured for stereo 4 Ohm/8 Ohm mode, high powered bridged
  • 8 Ohm mode or 70V/100V mode for total flexibility within a given installation
  • All zones are independently controllable via RS232, IR and voltage trigger lines
  • Each zone has -20dB Audio Limiter
  • Each zone has an independent mute trigger input (activated by +3 to +30V DC)
  • Each zone has an individual Trigger Output (+12V DC) that coresponds to zone ON/OFF status
  • Front panel features “Zone ON” and “Zone Overload” LED indicators for each zone
  • Master global Control In (+3 to +30V DC) and Control Out (+12V DC)
  • Detachable screw-terminal connectors for global Audio Bus IN/OUT, Zone IR IN, Zone Mute, Zone Status OUT and Zone Speaker Outputs
  • Rack mountable in standard 19″ rack (2U height)
  • Selectable 110/220 AC volatge
Weight 51.50 lbs









6 Zone

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