Milestone 3-Year Opt-In SUP for XProtect LPR Device License Y3OIXPLPRCL


The Milestone 1-Year SUP for XProtect LPR Device License provides device support for three years to your XProtect VMS with LPR License. The SUP is required to keep every one of your cameras that will be used for license-plate recognition up-to-date and current with software updates and camera definitions. This SUP provides one year of software updates and camera definitions.

This SUP is for systems with an inactive SUP plan that expired, and you require an LPR base license and SUP for each optional camera attached to your system that uses the LPR software. The LPR license is an option for the Husky M-30, M-50, Express & higher systems.


This item requires the prior purchase of Milestone software. Purchasers will be contacted by a customer service representative to confirm the serial license codes of the required software.

One SUP is required for each available LPR device you connect to your Enterprise VMS system to keep your system current. This SUP supports the LPR (License Plate Recognition) feature only, and does not replace or supercede your device requiring an additional SUP for the device itself.

This SUP provides three years of support for users who have allowed their SUP to lapse, or never purchased an SUP.

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