Milestone HE700R-32TB Husky 700 Rackmount Server with 32TB HDD

Throughput Up to 720 Mbit/s | Local storage Up to 64 TB

The Husky IVO 700 Rack is the ideal medium-sized video surveillance appliance that brings ease-of-use and full redundancy together - making it the perfect choice for those with a critical need for maximum uptime on their video installation.

Redundancy for your peace of mind
No need to worry about losing video or OS failures - the Husky IVO 700R has it all covered.
  • Full hardware redundancy with dual OS drives, power supplies and RAID
  • Extensive configuration options on RAID
  • Single point of contact for the support of both the VMS and the appliances
  • Possibility for onsite support for hardware repairs and replacement
Achieve more
It's always crucial to get the most out of your video solution - and to be able to achieve more with the same resources. The Husky IVO 700R removes the hassle of installation, compatibility and support - enabling you to save time and focus on more important aspects of your project.
  • Seamless installation with Husky Assistant
  • Remote management through iDRAC
  • Extended camera compatibility - connect more than 10,000 devices to your XProtect® VMS
Key features
  • Rack-mount unit 1U form factor - ideal for those with an existing IT infrastructure
  • Up to 64TB local storage
  • Dual OS drives & power supplies
  • Hardware RAID for increased redundancy
  • iDRAC9 Enterprise
Recommended usage
  • Up to 100 channels (Based on the following video stream: 1080p, 30 FPS, 5-8 Mbit/s/channel, with video motion detection recording)
  • XProtect management and recording server - viewing recommended on a separate machine through XProtect Smart Client
  • Remote viewing possible on Mobile or Web Client for up to 8 video streams, without affecting the overall performance
Main Features
  • Allows you to control multiple linked IP cameras remotely or centrally that exist at different locations
  • Manage remotely. Just get it connected to the internet and it will start monitoring
  • Ethernet port for easy and efficient network connectivity
General Information
Name: Milestone Systems Husky IVO 700R Video Surveillance Station, Milestone Systems, Milestone Systems
Category: Milestone Systems,inc., Video Surveillance, Servers

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