Nest H1500ES Nest Secure Alarm System Starter Kit


Nest H1500ES Nest Secure Alarm System Starter Kit.

A whole new kind of security

  • Nest Guard - Alarm, keypad, motion sensor and the brains of the system.
  • Nest Detect - The sensor that looks out for doors, windows and rooms.
  • Nest Tag - The easiest way to arm and disarm. Without a passcode.
  • Nest app - Know what's happening at home from anywhere.

Three ways to arm and disarm.

You can arm and disarm with the Nest app from anywhere. Or tap Nest Tag on Nest Guard to tag in and out. You can also enter a passcode on Nest Guard's keypad. (But only if you like passcodes.)

  • Nest Tag
  • Nest app
  • Passcode

No stressful countdowns, loud beeps or rushing out the door.

Arm the alarm and take your time leaving. With No Rush arming and disarming, Nest Secure lets you choose how much time you need. A friendly voice tells you how much time you have left. And if you forget to set the alarm, you can get a Remind Me alert so you can arm right from your phone.

Tag, you're in.

Give Nest Tag to family or people you trust. Set a schedule to let someone in at certain times, like your dog walker. And don't worry if you lose one. You can easily disable it in the Nest app.

One sensor can sense two things.

Stick Nest Detect on a window and you'll know when it opens. Stick it on a wall and it senses motion in a room. Better yet, stick it on a door and it can do both.

And it can do more than sense.

Say the house is armed and you need to leave early or let the dog out. Just press the button on Nest Detect when you open the door. With Quiet Open, the house stays armed and the alarm stays silent. When you walk past Nest Detect at night, Pathlight helps you see in the dark. And with Dog Pass, your small pooch won't set off the alarm.

Always know what's happening at home.

If the alarm goes off, you'll get a security alert on your phone.1 Check the free Nest app to see what triggered the alarm -- either a door or window opened or someone entered a room. Then you can call the police or your emergency contacts.

Nest Cam spots them red-handed - Outdoor Nest Cams can deter intruders from even breaking in. And if they do, indoor Nest Cams spot them in the act. With a Nest Aware subscription, you can even make a video clip to send to the police.

Security from front to back. And everywhere in between.

Nest Secure is tough security on its own. But when you add Nest Cam security cameras, the Nest Hello video doorbell and Works with Nest products, your home can be covered from the outside in.

By purchasing this product you agree that you are either (i) dealer and contractor who are authorized by Nest to purchase and resell the Product as part of an installed application, or (ii) commercial building owner or developer who hires installing contractors or who has trained, professional maintenance staff to install the Product in the buildings of such owner and developer.

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