Parrot ANAFI Work 4K / 2x Lossless Zoom, Business Drone Solution PF728100


ANAFI Work is an ultra compact tool for professionals, helping them make informed decisions using the drone’s aerial insights.

  • ANAFI Work includes the advanced ANAFI drone equipped with an innovative imaging system, a 4K/21MP camera with a 180° vertical orientation, allowing you to easily capture images of inaccessible areas.
  • ANAFI Work is the perfect on-the-go tool that is ready-to-fly in no time. The drone operates for 1 hour and 40 minutes with its 4 USB-C smart batteries.
  • This Parrot drone solution can easily be transported anywhere in its compact shoulder bag.
  • ANAFI Work allows professionals to create 3D models of buildings, quickly and easily, using the one year subscription to Pix4Dmodel.


ANAFI Work features an ANAFI drone equipped with a 4K HDR and a 21 MP high-resolution camera to get the best aerial images and videos for every business purpose.

With the three-axis hybrid image stabilization system, the drone shoots ultra-smooth videos and steady photos.

Thanks to 180° tilt camera, professionals can shoot zenith (+90°) and nadir (-90°) views above or under inaccessible areas.

The lossless zoom of 1.4x in 4K, 2.8x in full HD (1080p), enables users to get a closer look without reducing the footage quality, all the while staying at a safe distance away from obstacles.

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