Peerless-AV SPK-080 Xtreme 200W Stereo Outdoor Soundbar


Add audio to your outdoor display with the Peerless-AV Xtreme 200W Stereo Outdoor Soundbar. Its IP65 outdoor weatherproof rating enables it to endure harsh outdoor conditions and temperatures ranging from -40 to 120°F. It has optical and 1/8" audio inputs for connection to your wired sources, plus Bluetooth connectivity for streaming from your favorite compatible device. It includes a remote control and mounting hardware as an added convenience.

Peerless-AV® SPK-080 Xtreme™ Outdoor Soundbar

Immersive outdoor entertainment at its best! The Peerless-AV® SPK-080 Xtreme™ Outdoor Soundbar is ready for ice, snow, wind or rain. It can withstand the most extreme weather with an IP rating of 65. Easy to install and connect it’s the perfect choice for outdoor entertainment.

Good to Excellent Condition

Easy Installs

Install in no time. This Outdoor Soundbar features a universal mounting option and both analog and optical connection to make it possible to integrate with any display or TV.


Set up is a breeze thanks to a simple direct wired-connection. Bluetooth® options and high-quality drivers also provide full range audio (50Hz-20Hz). Best of all, a built-in Class D amplifier outputs 200 watts of power to give outdoor entertainment a complete upgrade.


Unparalleled people, process and products. At Peerless-AV, they consider a “solution” to be more than the product itself. A true solution encompasses how the product is made, how it gets to you and the service you receive. They devote care and attention to every element of their AV solutions.

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