Proficient W895S In-Wall Speaker with 8" Kevlar Woofer, 1" Pivoting Aluminum Twe


Proficient Audio Signature W895s

Our finest in-wall speaker, the W895s, is a fantastic product. Its big cast-basket Kevlar woofer gives it powerful deep bass, yet it's so sensitive you can drive it to loud levels with a 10-watt amplifier. It's a superb choice for stereo, multiroom or any channel of a home theater system—and the easiest way to build a concealed high-end sound system.

The power of Kevlar. The W895s big Kevlar woofer is simply awesome. It belts out deep bass all the way down to 28 Hz—lower than some subwoofers can play! The stretchproof Kevlar cone cuts distortion and the cast magnesium basket provides a sturdy frame for the powerful woofer. The low-distortion, 1-inch aluminum-dome tweeter pivots so you can direct the sound wherever you want it. Because the W895s gives you 92 dB with 1 watt of power, it needs less than half the power a typical speaker requires. With 175 watts power handling, the W895s can take everything most amps can dish out. The ±3 dB switches for bass and treble give you the power to tweak the sound any which way you want. Includes Thin-Bezel Grilles held by Neo Magnets.

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