Shure AD3 Axient Digital Wireless Plug-On Microphone Transmitter (G57: 470 to 616 MHz)


The Shure AD3 is a digital handheld wireless plug-on microphone transmitter compatible with Axient Digital series receivers. The AD3 features a secure XLR connector and supplies 48 V phantom power, allowing you to use any handheld or shotgun XLR microphone with the Axient digital wireless system.

The transmitter operates in a single 146 MHz ultrawide UHF bandwidth with selectable 2/10/35mW RF output power and a transmission range up to 330'. It provides up to 8 hours of operation on two AA batteries or an SB900A lithium-ion rechargeable battery (available separately).

With a durable, moisture-resistant, lightweight aluminum housing, the AD3 transmitter delivers pristine audio quality and RF performance, AES 256-bit encryption for secure transmission, and advanced rechargeability options, making it ideal for high-profile, sound-reinforcement applications.

Use Any XLR Mic with Axient Digital Wireless
  • With its ability to supply 48 V phantom power a custom, fast, and secure XLR connector design, the AD3 is ready to accommodate any handheld or shotgun XLR microphone.
  • The unit offers a PAD and can accommodate line level inputs from a variety of sources.
User-Friendly Features in a Rugged Housing
  • The unit quickly syncs with a wireless receiver via infrared at the touch of a button.
  • Automatic Gain adjusts the mic input level for you.
  • The power button conveniently doubles as mute switch, while preserving RF lock.
  • Frequency and power lockout functions prevent accidental or unauthorized changes during events.
  • A backlit LCD with easy-to-navigate menu and controls let you quickly access frequency, group, and channel settings, along with lock status, RF output, and remaining battery life.
  • Offset function lets you balance mic levels when assigning multiple transmitters to a single receiver slot. Adjustment range: -12 to +21 dB.
  • 2/10/35mW selectable RF output power allows you to increase either the transmitter's range or the number of mics operating simultaneously.
  • Two transmission modes: Standard for optimal coverage and High-Density for maximum system channel count and robust coverage.
Convenient Power Management Options
  • Optional SB900A rechargeable battery offers intelligent power management with precision metering in hours and minutes and zero memory effect.
  • External charging contacts allow for docked battery charging.
  • SBC220 two-bay and SBC840 eight-bay networked chargers (both available separately) allow for remote power monitoring via Shure’s Wireless Workbench software.

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