Shure AD4D-NP Axient Digital Two-Channel Wireless Receiver with No Accessories (A: 470 to 636 MHz)


The Shure AD4D-NP is a 2-channel wireless receiver housed in a rugged, single-rack unit, packaged without accessories for use as an additional receiver in an existing system. Part of the Axient Digital system, it delivers mission-critical signal stability and clear, transparent sound for professional productions that demand flawless execution.

Every feature has been stress-tested to enable seamless, uninterrupted audio in high-profile applications such as televised live performances, award shows and corporate events, the Broadway stage, secure government installations, and state-of-the-art meeting and training facilities.

The AD4D-NP operates in a single 166-MHz ultrawide bandwidth that encompasses the entire usable UHF range from 470 to 636 MHz. It offers low 2ms latency, XLR/AES3 + AES67/Dante outputs, and 256-bit encryption. The Dante Cue and Dante Browse features enable high-fidelity headphone monitoring from any connected Dante-enabled device.

In standard mode, Axient Digital supports over 120 simultaneous channels. For high channel counts, HD mode allows up to 47 active transmitters per 6 MHz TV channel. The receiver is compatible with AD1, ADX1, ADX1M, AD2, ADX2, and ADX2FD transmitters.

Unleash the Power of Axient Digital
Interference Detection and Avoidance
The Axient ecosystem uses multiple components that work together for advanced interference detection and avoidance. The AD4D receiver can detect RF interference when it occurs and get a new, clean frequency from the AXT600 Spectrum Manager (available separately). Using the AD610 ShowLink Access Point (available separately), the AD4D receiver and ADX transmitter execute a synchronized frequency change in a matter of milliseconds.

Remote Control for ADX transmitters
When it is difficult or impossible to access the transmitter, you can make instantaneous remote adjustments to your ADX transmitter settings (RF output, gain, mute, and more) via ShowLink.

Frequency Diversity Mode
In Frequency Diversity mode, two AD/ADX transmitters or a single ADX2FD transmitter can transmit two identical signals on two discreet frequencies. If the active signal degrades, the other takes over automatically, providing additional protection against dropouts. This mode uses both channels on the receiver.


Ultra-Compact ADX1M Micro Bodypack Transmitter
The ADX1M features a lightweight and ultra-compact design with an internal antenna. Comfortable to wear, it is exceptionally easy to place and conceal on talent.

Pristine Digital Sound and Secure Transmission
Transparent Sound: A flat, 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response provides accurate audio reproduction.

Wide Dynamic Range: A dynamic range of >120 dB yields impressive signal-to-noise performance and accurate transient response.

Ultra-Low Latency: An exceptionally low 2ms latency from microphone transducer to analog output delivers a seamless, cohesive sound.

Digital Outputs: Dante and AES67 digital audio both transmit via a configurable 4-port Ethernet switch for combined control/audio or separate streams with redundancy. An AES3 output provides an additional option for pristine digital audio.

Encryption: An Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encrypted signal ensures that every transmission is secure and unbreachable, ideal for government facilities and other sensitive installations.
Zero Tolerance for Failure, Period.
Ultrawide Tuning Bandwidth: A tuning bandwidth of 166 MHz supplies broad spectrum coverage with 6640 selectable frequencies to choose from for fewer dropouts.

True Digital Diversity Reception: Mounting a superior defense against multipath, fading events, and other anomalies that cause RF noise, Axient Digital combines two discrete RF signals per receiver channel using a quality-based maximal-ratio-combining algorithm.


High Density Mode: High Density transmission mode enables up to 47 active transmitters in one 6-MHz TV channel—all while maintaining exceptional audio quality. It is ideal for applications where many channels are needed in a confined area, transmission distances are short, and the number of available frequencies is limited.

Smart Features to Make Your Job Easier
Dante Cue and Dante Browse: With the push of a button, Dante Cue allows you to monitor any Axient Digital channel on the network, through a headphone output located on the front panel. Dante Browse offers precise monitoring of any Dante-enabled device on the network.

Networked Charging for Transmitters: Intelligent, high-performance rechargeable transmitter batteries and chargers let you know how much running time is left during the show, in hours and minutes. You can also monitor the charging status of your spares.

Wireless Workbench and ShurePlus Channels App: Ethernet networking enables real-time, precision monitoring and control of your system, as well as automatic frequency coordination across multiple receivers, using Wireless Workbench, and Axient Spectrum Manager software. The AD4D is also compatible with external controllers such as AMX and Creston.


Control and monitor capabilities can be extended to an iOS mobile device via the ShurePlus Channels app, allowing you to make adjustments anywhere in the venue.

Compatible with AD and ADX Transmitters
AD Transmitters
AD transmitters put Axient Digital professional-quality wireless digital audio within reach. Options include the AD1 bodypack transmitter and the AD2 handheld transmitter.

ADX Transmitters with ShowLink
ADX transmitters expand the AD’s feature set to take full advantage of the Axient Digital system’s capabilities. ShowLink technology allows automatic interference avoidance via frequency hopping. Engineers can also adjust parameters in real time from the booth. Options include the ADX1M Micro and ADX1 bodypack transmitters, as well as the ADX2 and ADX2FD Frequency Diversity handheld transmitters.
Extend the Reach of Your System with Remote Antennas
Adding UA874 active antennas or PA805 passive antennas increases the range of your system and offers increased protection against interference.

The AXT630 antenna distribution system (available separately) lets you stretch the power of your antenna pairs, giving you more on-air channels in less set-up time.
Other AD4D Features


  • Up to 60 dB of independently adjustable gain for each channel
  • Automatic limiter function protects against signal clipping, allowing for higher gain settings and preventing unexpected signal peaks


  • Two transformer-balanced XLR outputs 
  • Two transformer-balanced 1/4'' outputs
  • One AES3 digital output
  • Two Dante-enabled Ethernet ports and two network-control Ethernet ports with PoE
  • Split-Redundant Mode: Two ports of Ethernet, two ports of Dante
  • Switched Mode: Four ports of Ethernet, four ports of Dante
  • Word Clock input and thru ports
  • Locking AC power connection
  • AC power cascade to additional components


  • All antenna ports provide a DC bias power for active antennas
  • Antenna cascade ports for one additional receiver
  • Channel-Quality meter displays signal-to-noise ratio of RF signal on easily readable LCD
  • Preprogrammed group and channel maps with options to create custom groups
  • Search for open frequencies via receiver using group and channel scan
  • Register up to eight transmitters to one receiver channel

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