Shure Microflex Advance 4-Channel Dante Mic/Line Audio Network Interface Unit (XLR Outputs)


The 1/3 RU Microflex Advance Dante Mic/Line Audio Network Interface Unit from Shure is an interface unit with four 3-pin XLR output ports that convert a Dante digital audio signal to four line or microphone analog signals for audio routing and browser-based control. It features a single Ethernet port, customizable EQ settings, channel summing, and LEDs that indicate the device status and audio signal. It is compatible with third party control systems.

Single Ethernet port carries Dante audio, power (PoE - class 0)
Control strings for third-party preset controllers including Crestron and AMX
Four band C/S PEQ on every channel
Provides channel summing to combine Dante signals from the network and send them over a single analog output
Browser-based software control for all device parameters, per output channel for mute control, digital gain, and polarity control

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