Shure MX391 Microflex Cardioid Boundary Microphone (Black)


Styled in black, this Shure MX391 is a Microflex cardioid boundary microphone. It's easy to use, features an inline preamp, and offers interchangeable mic capsules. It's designed to pick up speech in a manner preserving its intelligibility. The mic is well suited for sound reinforcement and recording applications in boardrooms, conference centers, educational settings, houses of worship, and more.

A Streamlined, Low-Profile Solution
  • The compact, low-profile microphone is designed to be surface-mounted on conference tables, stage floors, and lecterns.
  • The sleek, unobtrusive form factor stays out of the way of panelists and presenters, making it a smart solution for video conferencing.
  • The MX391 doesn't offer mute switches, so speakers can't mute themselves—the mic is always ready to capture every moment in a panel discussion or presentation.
Interchangeable Mic Capsule Tailored for Speech and Vocals
  • The condenser microphone is optimized for crisp, clear speech.
  • The mic's cardioid pickup pattern focuses audio capture on the person speaking, for less unwanted background sound.
  • An interchangeable mic capsule design allows you to swap out the cardioid capsule for a supercardioid capsule (if you need a narrower pickup pattern) or an omnidirectional capsule (for a wider, more forgiving pickup pattern).
Inline Preamp with XLR Output
  • Included is an inline preamp with a standard 3-pin XLR output ready to plug into a PA system, mixer, or recorder capable of supplying 12 to 48V phantom power needed to power the mic.
  • The preamp offers a high level of RF filtering, making the mic substantially less susceptible to unwanted radio interference.

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