Shure MX395 Microflex Low-Profile Cardioid Boundary Microphone for Installs (Black)


This black Shure MX395 Microflex is a cardioid boundary microphone designed to capture high-quality speech and voice for sound reinforcement and teleconferencing installations in governmental, institutional, religious, and business settings.

The MX395 can be permanently installed on conference tables, desks, or lecterns using the included mounting hardware. Its low-profile design is only 1" in diameter and extends just 0.8" above the mounting surface, ideal for boardrooms and other sites where minimal mic visibility is of high priority and aesthetics are important.

This version of the MX395 features a cardioid polar pattern best used for a single person or two people sitting side by side. The mic takes advantage of the boundary effect to capture clear speech with reduced room ambience for intelligibility. A built-in, low-cut filter can be used to attenuate low-frequency table noise that can muddy your sound.

Designed with proprietary CommShield technology, the MX395 resists interference from devices such as cell phones and two-way communication devices.

The MX395 is equipped with a 3-pin XLR connector and requires 11 to 52V phantom to operate.

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