Shure Stem Hub Express Network-Enabled Communication Center for Multiple Devices in Conference Rooms


The brain of the Shure Stem system for conference rooms, Stem Hub Express connects multiple devices (Stem Table, Stem Wall, Stem Speaker, Stem Ceiling, and Stem Control) through your local network with PoE+ (Power over Ethernet). It enables all your Stem units to communicate with each other and to function as an ecosystem in your meeting room, collaboration area, or huddle room.

The Stem Hub Express can connect up to 10 devices per room and is required when using more than one Stem device. Multiple connectivity options are available including USB Type-B for use with a computer, VoiP, and terminal block for external speakers. The unit cannot be used as a standalone device. With a sleek and low-profile design, the Stem Hub Express discretely mounts on a wall. It comes with a Kensington lock, so you can keep it secure in your conference room.

Ethernet with PoE+ Connection
  • This connection is mandatory as it provides the unit with data, power, SIP, and the ability to communicate with other Stem devices.
  • To make this connection, simply plug one end of an Ethernet cable into the Ethernet jack and the other end into a network that supports PoE+.
  • If your network doesn't support PoE+, you must use a separate PoE+ injector or PoE+ enabled switch (both available separately).
USB Type-B Connection
  • This connection is necessary for video- or audio-conferencing capabilities.
  • For this connection, use the USB type B cable provided and connect one end into the USB port and the other to your macOS/Windows/Linux laptop or room computer.
Terminal Block Connection
  • This unamplified connection can be used whenever external speakers/amplification is required.
  • Use the provided male terminal connector to wire your speaker/amplifier cables into the Hub's female terminal block.
  • After connecting external speakers, initiate Stem RoomAdapt software to ensure speakers perform properly.

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