Sunfire™ SDS-12 12” Dual-Driver Powered Subwoofer w/ FFD™ Technology, 300W RMS/6 SDS12


Sunfire™ SDS-12 12” Dual-Driver Powered Subwoofer w/ FFD™ Technology, 300W RMS/600W Peak (Black Ash)

The most powerful of the family, the SDS-12 delivers all the dynamics found in your most demanding material. At home in larger rooms, the SDS-12 delivers 600W of peak power from Sunfire's Class-D digital amplification, while sipping merely a half a watt in standby. Sunfire's exclusive FFD™ technology is standard, delivering the spectral balance required to reproduce the finest musical detail found in your favorite BluRay and DVDs, as well as high fidelity music sources. Whether it's chest-pounding special effects or delicate musical notes, the SDS-12 delivers a true experience where others fall flat.

Sunfire™ Dynamic Series

The latest expression of Sunfire’s vision is called the Sunfire Dynamic Series. True to their name, these all-new subwoofers are both vibrant and forceful, delivering Sunfire’s acclaimed blend of powerful bass delivered with both high-resolution and high output. How much bass? Up to 600 Watts of dependable, cool-running Sunfire bass wrapped in the smallest cabinet of any product in its class.

FFD™ Technology

Because power means nothing without great fidelity, all Dynamic Series subwoofers incorporate something no other subwoofer can: Sunfire’s proprietary FFD technology. FFD lets you obsessively and safely indulge in low distortion, high-output performance from games, movies and music, not games, movies or music like those other brands. Power, fidelity and value, the DNA that’s consistently made Sunfire subwoofers the ones to beat for 15 years.

SDS-12 Features

Performance gains an exuberant edge with the top of the line SDS-12. Sophisticated and poised, the SDS-12 is designed for larger spaces producing a massive 600W of Peak power from our own Class D digital amplifier – a 12” front-firing active woofer and down-firing passive radiator. Sunfire’s exclusive FFD™ technology results in superior fidelity and higher output with lower distortion than any of its so-called competition.

Contemporary & Streamlined

Contemporary design, timeless refinement, and sonic performance that is singularly Sunfire. The Dynamic Series displays each of these while offering a few pleasant surprises including a price that only the latest technologies could make possible. Each SDS model is designed and built by the same engineers responsible for Sunfire’s premium, high performance XT and HRS products. And each is purpose-designed as a fully-featured, future classic manufactured to the requirements of today’s more streamlined lifestyles and budgets.

Wireless Capable Options

Now you can place your SDS subwoofer wherever it will perform its best without the nightmare of drilling, snaking, or dragging wires through your living area. Sunfire’s 2.4GHz wireless kit (sold separately) is specifically designed and tuned for subwoofer applications. All you need is a power outlet near the sub and you’re ready for optimal plug-and-play bass with no visual noise attached.

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