Axis Communications C8210 Network Audio Amplifier


System installers in need of a compact network audio amplifier will appreciate the Axis Communications C8210, a smart migration tool that transforms any passive speaker into a network speaker with all the benefits of network audio.

The AXIS C8210 features an integrated amplifier and digital signal processor (DSP) that delivers up to 15W of power and can transmit high-quality digital audio to one or multiple speakers. The unit is powered over Ethernet (PoE), which requires only a single RJ45 cable for power and connectivity. The unit includes a block I/O connector, a 3.5mm mic/line input, and a 2-pin block speaker output. The unit also features an SD card reader, which supports microSD/microSDHC/microSDXC cards up to 128GB in size.

Network Audio with Any Speaker
  • With AXIS C8210, you can keep your existing passive speakers or choose any speaker on the market. Either way, you can mix and match passive and network audio speakers in one installation and they will work together seamlessly. This makes AXIS C8210 the perfect solution for existing installations that you want to migrate into network audio as well as new installations with specific speaker requirements.
  • AXIS C8210 has a built-in amplifier and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) that delivers a total power output of 15W and can transmit high-quality digital audio to one or multiple speakers, depending on your needs. Since everything is built-in, there’s no need for additional equipment, making the transition into network audio smart and easy.
Flexibility and Scalability
  • Together with pre-installed AXIS Audio Manager Edge (audio management software), AXIS C8210 allows you to create flexible zoning for live, scheduled or triggered announcements, or background music and ensures that right content is played at the right time, at the right place. It has never been simpler and more flexible to control and manage all your audio devices from one location.
  • As all Axis network products, AXIS C8210 is based on an open platform, which makes it easy to integrate it into other systems such as network cameras for security purposes or VoIP for call-outs in public address applications.
Effortless Installation
AXIS C8210 is installed at the edge by the speaker, so there's no need for extra space. And with just one cable for power and connectivity (PoE), you can connect it directly to your IP network, which simplifies complex installations and instantly gives you the benefits of network audio. Furthermore, with support for health monitoring, it brings you peace of mind and facilitates service and maintenance.

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