LG 55TC3D-B 55" LCD Touchscreen Monitor - 16:9


The 55" Touchscreen Interactive Digital Board from LG allows you to draw, write, and capture notes, as well as connect, display, and control various devices. The board features a 1920 x 1080 (FHD) screen resolution, and capacitive touchscreen functionality. It facilitates a successful meeting by driving participants to freely submit their ideas on the screen using the intuitive touch and writing tools.

The screen recognizes even the smallest touch points accurately and instantly shows the response to the touch point. This kind of accuracy and granularity means that you can use IDB both as a realistic handwriting tool and for detailed complex content such as drawings. It allows multi-touch 40 points so that multiple participants can simultaneously use touch features.

The LG webOS 3.0+ smart platform is powered by high-performance SoC and can execute several tasks at the same time without the need for a separate media player or PC. When combined with the IDB app, the LG IDB offers both interactive collaboration as well as an intuitive writing application, meaning additional licenses for IDB solution are not required.

Draw and write on 1920 x 1080 (FHD) capacitive touchscreen

Embedded writing application is an optimized tool for writing directly onto the board

webOS 3.0+ smart platform makes it possible to collaborate without the need for a PC based on its high performance

Embedded IDB app enhances the optimized workflow for efficient collaboration

IPS panel provides a wide viewing angle with accurate colors, no matter where attendees are in the meeting room

Thickness of the pen can be adapted to your writing speed, even when using the passive pen

No need for sensors on the bezel, little or no gap space is required between the screen and bezel, meaning multiple participants can use touch features simultaneously

IDB has an advanced tempered screen coating to minimize scratches

Anti-shatter glass is designed to minimize harm to the user, even in the event of an external shock

Unlike IR touch screens, the display detects touch points even at the corner or edge of the display accurately

You can freely take a note and easily erase it with your palm when using a conventional whiteboard

Pre-stored files are easy to open on the screen with a simple touch

Written materials can be captured and automatically saved, which is useful when discussed content needs to be stored by stages

While using the writing function in IDB app mode, you can place a floating toolbar anywhere on the screen by pressing and holding a touch point

  • Allows you to choose between a pen or marker for different levels of thickness in drawing, as well as different colors
  • Allows you to highlight certain information on the screen
  • Allows you to erase drawings and control the thickness of the erase
  • Allows you to adjust the size of an object or change its location by clicking on it
  • Allows you to undo the most recent action performed

Touch menu is a subsidiary menu introduced to eliminate such inconvenience and improve user-friendliness

Touch on/off key in the lower section of the front of the board

PBP (Picture-By-Picture) features multi-screen in a single display with up to 2 input sources, thus maximizing usability of large display

Reader mode decreases blue light—a cause of eye strain—by 70%, improving the comfort of those who are viewing the screen for a long time

Anti-glare coating on the screen reduces reflection for better visibility and brightness is automatically adjusted according to ambient light of the surrounding to reduce eye strain

IDB also allows video conferencing to be held reliably, as it supports connections with VCS solutions or UC (Unified Communication) solutions

User-friendly design and functions help participants to maintain full concentration in meetings by minimizing unnecessary processes and ensuring a comfortable environment

Temperature sensor, ISM method, DPM Select, Brightness Control, PM mode, Wake on LAN, Energy Saving, File Play with USB, 2 PIP/PBP, Built-in Wi-Fi (802.11n Combo), USB Cloning, Failover, No signal image

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