Linear 230219P eMerge50P eMerge50 Access Control Platform


eMerge50 Access Control Platform.

The Linear eMerge blends advanced capabilities with ease of configuration and use for small to mid-sized commercial and high end residential applications. eMerge integrates credential-based access control, intrusion detection, and video surveillance for a small to midsized facilities. It is part of Linear's access family, proven over hundreds of thousands of operating hours in the field.

eMerge family is a 100% IP-based, solid state, web-based network appliance. Other than terminal connections for access controlled doors and intrusion detection points, an IP network is all of the connectivity the system requires. A common web browser provides all configuration, administrative, and monitoring functions. Solid state design means no moving parts - and a trouble-free, low maintenance ownership experience.

eMerge streamlines access control configuration by automatically locating network connected Network Nodes and MicroNodes on its local subnet, allowing them to be statically or dynamically addressed. Wizards then automatically create access control alarms, access levels, and configuration parameters. By following a few simple steps, eMerge can be brought from first power-up to the first access card read in about five minutes.

eMerge is provided in an enclosure that includes the eMerge controller, one Access Control Module, and space for up to three additional modules. Available add-on modules support two full portals (2 readers, 4 inputs, and 4 outputs), eight inputs, eight outputs, or eight temperature points apiece. Installers can mix and match blade types to achieve the required mix for their applications. Further expansion is easily obtained by adding additional nodes or MicroNodes to a limit of 192 readers, 512 inputs, and 512 outputs.

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