Lutron CA-4PS-BL Diva Dual-Voltage 4-Way Switch – (Black | Gloss)


Lutron® Diva Dual-Voltage 4-Way Switch

Use this large paddle switch in 120V – 277V applications. Diva’s full family of products allows for general-purpose switching of all sources and motor loads. A soft locator nightlight is included with this switch; nightlight is best visible on lighter colors. This switch uses single-pole wiring for easy installation in any home, and coordinates beautifully with Maestro dimmers and switches.

Color Differentiation - We recommend only using Lutron Claro® color-matched wallplates and inserts with this product or the colors will not be an exact match.

Easy Installation

Install this switch in 3-way applications, in as little as fifteen minutes, to enable local lighting control. Local controls are useful in locations where single circuits of lighting need to be adjusted.

Complements Maestro Controls

For installations where you also have Maestro controls, the Diva series complements Maestro switches and dimmers in any location, providing a clean, finished look..

Color-Matched Options & Wallplates

To better match your client’s aesthetics, Lutron offers multiple versions of this paddle switch, as well as color-matched Lutron® Claro® wallplates in single-gang to 6-gang sizes.

Power Failure Memory & RFI Suppression

With convenient Power Failure Memory, the Diva series remembers scenes and settings even after a power interruption. It also provides superior suppression of common radio and TV interference.

Switch Capabilities

On a single tap, lights or motors turn ON or OFF.

Color Black, Gloss
Line Voltage 120/277 VAC
Power Output 15 A

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