Lutron GRX-TVI 0-10V Dimming Interface


Lutron® 0-10V Dimming Interface

This ten volt interface provides forward, reverse, and center phase control input capability. With 0—10 V- control, it provides switching capabilities to switch and dim current sourcing fluorescent ballasts and LED drivers.

Switching Capability

This interface switches and dims current sourcing 0-10V electronic dimming ballasts and drivers from 100V up to 277V. It also switches up to 16 A of electronic capacitive ballasts and drivers.

Compatible Wire Gauges

Each terminal accepts up to two 12 AWG (2.5 mm2) conductors.

Control Up To 5 Interfaces

Connect up to five 10V interfaces to one Control Unit zone. This allows one zone to control up to five 16A circuits of Electronic Dimming Ballasts / Drivers or five motors. (Please note: this is not true for C5-BMJ-16A.)

Line Voltage            120-277 VAC, 50/60 Hz (control/load)
Power Output          0-10 VDC, 10uA-300mA, current sink (control); 16 A, 1/2HP (120V) 1.5HP (277V) Motor (load)

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