Lutron L-REPPRO-BL RA2 Select Wireless Repeater


Lutron® RA2 Select Wireless Repeater

Add a wireless repeater and extend the radio frequency (RF) range of any Lutron RA2 Select lighting system to provide reliable whole-home coverage. Wireless repeaters expand the range of RF signals, so devices can communicate across longer distances. Each wireless repeater has an RF range of 30 ft., covering an area of approximately 2500 sq. ft. Up to four wireless repeaters can be added in larger applications..

Wireless Range

In order for your Lutron system to work properly, all devices must be located within 9 m (30 ft.) of a repeater. Plus, all repeaters must be within 18m (60 ft.) of another repeater.

Reliable RF Communication

Because the wireless repeater communicates information to the main repeater using a low-interference RF channel between 431 MHz to 437 MHz, it’s able to work quickly and reliably without interference from other systems or smart devices.

Dimensions (W x H x D)        
2.75" x 1.19" x 2.75"
Power Consumption
0.45 W (typical)
RF Frequency
431.0 - 437.0 MHz
External Power Supply
5 Vdc, 550mA (included)
Power Input
5 Vdc, 100mA

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