Lutron RRD-6NA-MN Maestro Adaptive Neutral Dimmer - (Midnight | Satin)


Lutron® Maestro Adaptive Neutral Dimmer

This phase adaptive 120V dimmer controls a wide variety of bulbs by automatically sensing the load type and adjusting to provide the best performance. Featuring convenient fade-on/fade-off, delayed long fade-to-off, and rapid full-on settings, the dimmer can be controlled remotely in a smart RA2 Select lighting scene, or function as a standard dimmer and switch if you prefer local control. Maestro Wireless technology offers impressive lighting control functionality and convenience that will fit almost any commercial or residential application. The system is incredibly easy to install and operate, allowing you to control lighting levels with any combination of up to 10 dimmers, switches, sensors and wireless controls — all with the touch of a button.

Advanced Features

Maestro dimmers offer fade-on/fade-off, delayed long fade-to-off, and rapid full-on settings for advanced scene creation in any space. All Maestro controls also incorporate a Front Accessible Service Switch (FASS) for safe lamp replacement.

Easy Installation

Install this dimmer in single-pole or multi-location applications, in as little as fifteen minutes. Local lighting controls are useful in locations where single circuits of lighting need to be adjusted. Plus, this dimmer’s neutral wire allows for heightened dimming performance with LEDs or other specialized lighting, and a decrease in chance of flickering.

Maximum Ratings

Depending on the type of light load, your maximum wattage with this dimmer may differ. Max ratings are 150W LED, 600W ELV/incandescent/halogen or 450W MLV.

Frequency Range

Maestro controls communicate with the system through Radio Frequency (RF) and must be located within 30 ft. of a repeater. System devices operate on frequencies between 431 MHz and 437 MHz.

Dimmer Capabilities

  • On a single-tap, lights fade ON or OFF.
  • On a double-tap, lights go to full ON.
  • When ON, press and hold the tapswitch to engage the delayed long fade to OFF.
  • Light levels can be fine-tuned by pressing and holding the dimming rocker until the desired light level is reached.

Color Midnight, Satin
Features Load Type: LED, ELV, Incandescent, Halogen, MLV, CFL
Control Type: Dimmer
Wiring: Neutral wire required
Line Voltage 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power Output 600 W / 600 VA (150W LED/CFL)
Minimum Load 5 W / 5 VA

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