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High Tech Security System

At Silarius, we are committed to elevating the security standards for self storage facilities. With our cutting-edge cloud video surveillance platform and powerful AI-driven analytics, we provide top-notch protection and peace of mind



Powerful cloud analytics

Utilize cloud processing to cost-effectively deploy intelligent video analytics add-ons across all cameras: object detection, heat maps, face recognition and more, on top of camera-side analytics.


Compatible with any camera

Connect any stream source such as IP, analog cameras, webcam and NVR to the Silarius platform. Take advantage of powerful remote tools to manage all aspects of your multi-site video surveillance network.

Plug and Play

Plug and Play Setup

Eliminate the complicated network setup and connect IP cameras and NVRs to the cloud quickly, securely and reliably.


True Cloud Security and Reliability

Enjoy 99,999999999% uptime promise by Amazon AWS. Avoid bridges, hubs and other unnecessary capex-adding gateways. Connect directly to AWS over HTTPS tunnel.



This structure is invaluable for a service that might span multiple layers of dealers, users and accounts.


Private Cloud for Enterprises

Leverage your own data center infrastructure to deploy the Silarius video surveillance platform whilst affordably scaling services to your customers and dealers.

There's a reason we have amazing clients

Proudly collaborating with diverse industries.

From small businesses to large enterprises, our cloud video surveillance and analytics solutions have earned the trust of leading companies worldwide.

Leverage our advanced cloud analytics
to identify objects, track movements, generate heat maps, and enable facial recognition for enhanced security and insights

Face Recognition

Face Recognition

Be notified immediately when a person of interest is recognised.

Object/Scene Detection

Object/Scene Detection

Identify thousands of objects such as vehicles, pets, or furniture.

People Counting

People Counting

Determine the number of entering and exiting visitors with statistics in real time.



Create useful heatmaps not just for indoor cameras but also for outdoor cameras where there is a lot of foliage movement.

All analytics

Silarius Cloud Video Surveillance Platform

Robust Cloud Infrastructure

Powered by Amazon AWS, Silarius ensures redundant data security and scalability. Additionally, our platform can seamlessly integrate with custom private cloud environments.

User-Friendly Interface

Access live video feeds and control your surveillance network with ease using our HTML5 web browser video interface and comprehensive mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Flexible Deployment

Benefit from a highly scalable and adaptable video surveillance platform. Connect any ONVIF-supported IP cameras or NVRs without the need for additional hardware or software installations. Enjoy the freedom to access video streams on any device, from anywhere, with minimal latency.

Silarius has got you covered

Your Ultimate Cloud Video Surveillance Solution!

Join the future of security with Silarius, the most advanced cloud video surveillance platform. Take control of your surveillance needs and gain peace of mind knowing your assets are protected.
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Video Analytics Software

Empower Your Business with Data-driven Insights

Uncover Hidden Insights

Unlock productivity and security enhancements by harnessing the power of business video analytics solutions. Make data-driven decisions and drive efficiency across your organization.

Big Data Insights

Leverage Big Data from structured and unstructured datasets, including real-time and historical sources. Tap into the wealth of information present in video surveillance (CCTV) footage, transforming it into valuable business and security intelligence.

Elevate Your Surveillance

Silarius Video Analytics Platform empowers you to extract critical information, expedite incident searches, and receive high-quality alerts. Combine server-side processing intelligence with camera-edge analytics for object detection, classification, tracking, people counting, heat maps, area, and color search. Enhance alerts with camera-side video analytics and configurable object category rules.

Advanced Analytics Capabilities

Object Search and Classification

Identify and classify various objects such as people, vehicles, pets, and furniture. Each object is assigned metadata including position, color, and attributes. Set up camera-based event triggers based on object categories, enabling efficient alert notifications via email and app push.

Object Tracking

Efficiently track and monitor objects within the camera's field of view, eliminating false alarms and focusing on relevant movements.

Smart Heat Maps

Redefine heat maps with smart data. Instead of relying solely on motion detectors, utilize Object Recognition technology for accurate heat maps. Customize data visualization for optimal review experiences.

Facial Recognition

Search for similar faces within a collection of images. Create predefined face indexes for detection across enabled cameras. Find faces from mug shots within archives and access age and gender attributes.

People Detection and Counting

Enable people counting based on classification and tracking. Accurately measure foot traffic through specific areas over time intervals.
People detection

Fire and Smoke Detection

People detection
Utilize intelligent video technology to identify smoke and fire in real-time. Enhance response times and evacuation procedures, ensuring safety during emergencies.

Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

Enhance surveillance effectiveness with cloud-based Automatic License Plate Recognition. Improve security, detect unauthorized vehicles, and enhance visitor management.
People detection

Vehicle Counting

Vehicle Counting
Analyze traffic flow and congestion with accurate vehicle counting statistics. Identify and address traffic-related issues efficiently.