AJAX 42823.09.WH3 Wireless Pet Immune Motion Detector, White


Product Overview

MotionProtect Jeweller is a wireless indoor motion detector. It can operate for up to 5 years from a built-in battery, and monitors the area within a 12-meter radius. MotionProtect ignores animals, while recognizing a human from the first step. MotionProtect operates within the Ajax security system, connected to the hub via the protected Jeweller protocol. The communication range is up to 1700 meters in the line of sight. In addition, the detector can be used as a part of third-party security central units via the uartBridge or ocBridge Plus integration modules. The detector is set up via the Ajax app for iOS, Android, macOS and Windows. The system notifies users of all events through push notifications, SMS and calls (if activated).

Main Features
  • Up to 12 m detection distance
  • Pet immunity
  • False alarms prevention algorithm
  • Remote control and setup via the app
  • 88.5°/80° viewing angles
  • Temperature compensation
  • Effortless installation and replacement
  • Connecting via QR code
General Information
Name: AJAX 42823.09.WH3 Wireless Pet Immune Motion Detector, White, AJAX SYSTEMS CH, AJAX
Category: AJAX, Intrusion, Motion & Perimeter Sensors, PIR Motion Sensors
UPC Code: 850042389058
Country of Origin: Ukraine. Country of origin is subject to change.

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