AKG 3101H00430 P420 Large-Diaphragm Multipattern Condenser Microphone (Black)

A Versatile Microphone Solution
With its multiple polar patterns for highly versatile sound capture, immense SPL handling, and low self-noise, the black AKG P420 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone is poised to give clear, distortion-free sound and the functionality of three mics in one, whether you record vocals at home or mic up blaring guitar cabs and explosive drums on stage. This side-address mic sports a rugged all-metal body that not only bolsters durability, but also aids in rejecting RF interference from sources such as wireless systems. It comes with a spider-type shockmount to isolate the mic from vibration noise and a metal carrying case for safe transport.


The true condenser capsule of the P420 utilizes dual 1" gold-sputtered diaphragms tuned to yield a detailed sound with a gentle rise in high frequencies to enhance clarity. Plus, it is capable of handling SPLs up to 155 dB (-20 pad on) without audible distortion, so it'll have no problem taking on drums and guitar amps. A low-cut filter at 300 Hz can be engaged to help reduce rumble, wind noise, or even bass buildup from up-close miking. Thanks to its cardioid, figure-8, and omnidirectional polar patterns, the P420 is just as capable in front of a rapper producing tracks in a bedroom as it is surrounded by an ensemble in a studio. Use a separately available XLR cable to connect the P420 to an XLR mic input that can supply 48V phantom power.

AKG P420 Samples from Audio Test Kitchen
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Three Polar Patterns
This side-address microphone offers three polar patterns to attain optimal sound in a wide variety of applications. Each of the P420's selectable polar patterns is virtually frequency independent so that reflected sound will be reproduced accurately and uncolored.


  • Cardioid (center setting): This is a standard setting for recording and gives excellent results on all kinds of voices and a wide range of instruments. Remember to aim the microphone front at the sound source, because it is most sensitive to sounds arriving in front of it while picking up much less of sounds arriving from the sides or rear.
  • Figure-8 (left-hand setting): The microphone will pick up sounds arriving in front and rear with equal sensitivity. Use this mode to mic up the side signal in M/S stereo recording or to record two sound sources (talkers, instruments) facing each other. It is also a good choice for cymbal overhead miking.
  • Omnidirectional (right-hand setting): This is the preferred setting for "all around the mic" recording, high-quality ambience (audience sound) miking, or far-field recording in exceptionally good-sounding large or small recording rooms, etc.
Gold-Sputtered Dual Large Diaphragms
The P420 features a true condenser capsule design with two diaphragms to allow selection of different polar responses. Its 1" large-diaphragm construction is made of a plastic foil that is gold-sputtered on one side only to prevent shorting to the back electrode, even at extremely high sound pressure levels.
All-Metal Body
The all-metal body adds to the rejection of RF interference, so you can use the microphone near transmitter stations and along with wireless microphones or other communications equipment. The extremely rugged, heavy body and sturdy front grille protects the microphone from damage from tough handling on stage.
High Headroom and Minimum Distortion
Capable of handling sound pressure levels up to 155 dB without introducing perceptible distortion and built to resist high temperatures and humidity, the microphone will give excellent results in a wide range of applications.
Bass-Cut Filter
The bass-cut switch on the microphone rear further reduces low-end distortion caused by footfall, wind noise, and air conditioning rumble. The filter also minimizes the proximity effect that close-in miking from less than 4" causes on any unidirectional microphone. The filter rolls off at 12 dB/octave from 300 Hz downward.
Switchable Pad
The pad switch on the microphone rear lets you increase the headroom by 20 dB for distortion-free recording up close. The pre-attenuation pad prevents the microphone's output level, particularly at low frequencies, from overloading the miniature transformers used in many mixer input stages, etc.
Connecting to Audio Equipment
The P420 uses a condenser transducer designed for 48V phantom powering from a source such as an external mic preamp, an audio interface, or a mixing console. It provides a balanced output on an XLR 3-pin male connector; use an XLR cable (available separately) to connect the microphone to a balanced XLR input with phantom power.
Shockmount and Metal Case
Included with the P420 are a spider-type shockmount and a metal carrying case. The shockmount absorbs vibrations, which aids in isolating the mic from stand handling noise and foot noise.

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