AKG 3165H00030 CK49 Reference Shotgun Condenser Microphone Capsule


The CK49 Reference Shotgun Condenser Microphone Capsule from AKG is a hypercardioid reference condenser capsule with an 80° pickup angle and clean off-axis response. It can be used to capture audio and fits all gooseneck modules of the AKG Modular Plus Series as well as the HM1000 M hanging module microphones (both sold separately).

The CK49 is integrated into a slim and rugged metal housing and is an ideal tool for inexperienced speakers; when people talk into the microphone from greater distances it focuses on the voice, and when they talk into it from very short distances it reduces pop-noise. Built with self-cleaning, gold-plated contacts with deep threads to prevent misalignment, the CK49 capsule comes complete with a windscreen that reduces wind and pop noise.

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