APC AP7920B PDU, Switched, 1U, 12A/208V, 10A/230V, (8)C13 - Switched - 1U


The APC by Schneider Electric Switched Rack Power Distribution Unit (PDU) distributes power to devices in the rack. It has a sensor that measures the current that it and its attached devices use. It can be monitored through Web, Telnet, SNMP, SSH, or StruxureWare Data Center Expert ® interfaces. Inlet: The Rack PDU has an IEC-320-C14 inlet on the front of the unit to connect to the power cord. Outlets: The outlets connect the Rack PDU to equipment in your rack or enclosure. Each outlet allows independent control of the connected equipment and the Rack PDU firmware also provides Outlet User accounts. The Rack PDU has eight IEC-320-C13 outlets. Digital display: A digital display shows aggregate current being used. Power cord: The power cord connects the Rack PDU to one power source. The cord connects to the front of the Rack PDU for easier mounting and user access. The 8 ft (2.4 m) cord terminates with a C14 plug.

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