Atlas™ Sound AM1200 Low Profile Self Contained Sound Masking System


Atlas Sound AM1200 Low Profile Self Contained Sound Masking System

Create the perfect level of background noise to fill airspace. The AM1200 Sound Masking System is a highly versatile system for use on small projects. It has two built-in speakers set as a horizontal array and a 12 Watt amplifier that can be used to power remote masking speakers through a 70.7V output. Each of the two types of speakers has a separate level control and the system has a Hi-Cut filter as well as a Pink or White basic noise source.



The cabinet is only 2½" high so it fits into a small ceiling plenum or under a shallow raised floor. It has two mounting supports so that it can be suspended in a higher ceiling plenum. It has four mounting holes so that it can be mounted on most surfaces.


Level Range

The unit has a wide range of levels. When measured at eight inches the level can be set as low as 47dB(A) and above 97dB(A). Because it can be set to very low levels, it can be used in situations where there is no intervening structure. Because it can be set to very high levels, it can be used to penetrate gypsum board ceiling or raised floors.


Spectrum Control

The unit has a Pink/White switch as well as a Hi-Cut filter. This gives the unit a wide range of frequency spectra from which to choose. The figure shows that range as compared to a typical sound masking spectrum used in commercial offices. The measurement was made in a live room so some bumps show in the spectrum. The deviation at low frequencies is not critical as speech intelligibility extends only down to 160Hz and even its contribution at that frequency is quite small.


Atlas Sound

Atlas Sound and Innovative Electronic Designs (IED) have been providing communication solutions to the world collectively for over 120 years. Atlas Sound and IED have been sister companies since 2009, operating independently but with combined oversight at the executive management level. In 2015 Atlas Sound and IED have combined their sales, marketing, and support teams to better serve their combined customers and the various market segments they serve.

Height 2.68” (68mm)
Width 7.25” (184mm)
Output Power 12W x 2 @ 70.7V (416Ω)

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