Keyscan CIM-LINK Communications Between Two Cim Communication Loops


Product Overview

A simple way to incorporate multiple CIM communication loops into a single global infrastructure.

Keyscan CIM-Link is a TCP/IP companion module, which incorporates multiple CIM CAN Bus communication loops into a single global infrastructure. This promotes even greater global communication flexibility. Keyscan's CIM-Link module extends CAN Bus based ACU to ACU communication via a common LAN/WAN network. This maximizes system design options by expanding ACU to ACU functionality to multiple independent CAN Bus global networks utilizing common LAN/WAN (TCP/IP) infrastructure.

Ground Loop Tolerance
Maximizes electrical isolation to earth ground providing tolerance against ground loops.

Enhanced Diagnostics
Provides a myriad of communication diagnostics annunciated with on-board LEDs for quick and easy device-based troubleshooting.

Network Adaptation
Uses Keyscan's plug-on TCP/IP network adapter NETCOM2P/6P

Ensures uninterrupted and re-connect continuous communication between CIM-Links.

Network Support
Supports global functions between groups of multiple ACU?panels or between a single ACU panel over an existing LAN/WAN network

Global Communication
Utilizing the CAN Bus network, the CIM-Link?delivers global communication capabilities. Access Control Units with direct connectivity with the CAN Bus?network now provide ACU to ACU communication without server dependence.

Ribbon Cable
Uses a simplified ribbon cable for fast installation.

Fault Tolerance
Unlike traditional communication devices, if one Keyscan CIM-Link goes down due to unforseen circumstances, it won't take the entire loop down with it. The CAN Bus communication protocol offers non-interrupted communication of remaining devices on the CAN Bus?network.

General Information
Name: Keyscan CIM-LINK Communications Between Two Cim Communication Loops, dormakaba Holding, Keyscan by dormakaba
Category: Keyscan by dormakaba, Access Control, Control Panels, Control Panel Boards & Servers
UPC Code: 800168004731
Country of Origin: Canada. Country of origin is subject to change.

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