Keyscan CA4500 4-Reader Door Access Control Panel (CA4500B, OCB8, DPS-15, Enclosure)


Product Overview

With an emphasis on innovation and sustainability, you can trust the Keyscan CA4500 access control unit for smart access control technology and system design flexibility. Keyscan CA series of door controllers are compatible and merge security with convenience. The CA series can satisfy any new installation requirement or augment existing Keyscan systems while, in many cases, utilizing existing infrastructure including credentials.

CA4500 includes:
CA4500B ACU board
1-OCB8 relay board
1-DPS-15 power supply
1-black metal enclosure with lock and tamper switch

Main Features
  • Network TCP/IP ready
  • Easily configurable reader settings supporting many Wiegand protocols
  • Auto-transfer protocol uploads transaction buffer if interruption occurs
  • Dual processors
  • Lock down and global communication among multiple ACUs, server and sites (requires CIMs and CIM Link)
  • Multiple inputs and outputs for expansion capability
General Information
Name: Keyscan CA4500 4-Reader Door Access Control Panel (CA4500B, OCB8, DPS-15, Enclosure), dormakaba Holding, Keyscan by dormakaba
Category: Keyscan by dormakaba, Access Control, Control Panels, Control Panels
UPC Code: 800168005646
Country of Origin: Canada. Country of origin is subject to change.

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