Draper 385034 FocalPoint - 126x168 (210" Diag.) Projector Screen, Video Format


The FocalPoint folding frame projector screen is designed for standard and small venues, such as meeting rooms or breakout rooms. The FocalPoint retains the modular frame construction that makes Draper's StageScreen so popular, with small profile frame segments made of sturdy extruded aluminum. The FocalPoint is extremely rigid and durable, while remaining lightweight.

With no hinges, the FocalPoint is strong, and still features quick and easy assembly. All available sizes of FocalPoint are built from combinations of the same frame segments. Even the legs are constructed using these frame segments. Viewing surface attaches with Draper's unique DuraLoop bungees and convenient nylon pull-tabs. The result is a perfectly flat self-centering viewing surface that attaches quickly and easily - with no snaps. The FocalPoint ships complete with legs, frame, surface, carrying case and tarp.

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