Electro-Voice F.01U.216.250 EVU1062/95 Single 6.5" Two-Way 90 x 50 Full-Range Loudspeaker System (White)



The Electro-Voice EVU-1062/95 is a compact two-way loudspeaker system that can be used in a variety of applications where high quality sound reinforcement is required in an ultra-compact lightweight enclosure. The enclosure design utilizes asymmetric angles to maintain tight clearances to walls and ceilings while providing optimal coverage patterns making it ideal to blend into surroundings. This design was optimized for wall, stage lip and under balcony applications.

The EVU-1062/95 incorporates the ICT-1-8, a high-output 1.3” diaphragm titanium compression driver coupled to a Constant Directivity™ 90° x 50° rotatable waveguide. The ICT-6.5-8 woofer was developed using FEA optimization to provide the highest sensitivity while achieving the highest level of speech intelligibility. The crossover design uses 18-dB-per-octave slopes with equalization for very smooth response in the vocal range, linear off-axis response and a protection circuit for long term reliability.
The EVU series is constructed of 9-ply hardwood plywood enclosures with six integral M8 suspension points to support a wide variety of mounting positions. The EVU system is finished in textured paint, available in either white or black. Each EVU system includes a universal U-bracket to facilitate mounting. The U-bracket provides full unobstructed rotation of the loudspeaker (330° unobstructed rotation if the transformer kit is installed). Additional mounting points are located on the rear of the enclosure for use with an Omnimount™ type bracket. An available 70.7/100-V transformer kit may be easily mounted over the input panel for use in distributed systems. All of these features give you the flexibility to address a large range of venues, while quickly and precisely supporting customer requirements.
  • Designed for Club Sound, Concert Sound, House of Worship, Performance & Sports Venues, Stadium Systems and other applications
  • 1.3” (33mm) diaphragm, 1.4” (36mm) exit pure titanium compression driver
  • 6.5” (165mm) LF transducer
  • Advanced third-order crossover network with HF protection
  • Coverage pattern: 90° x 50° Constant DirectivityTM rotatable waveguide
  • 92 dB sensitivity, 120 dB maximum SPL
  • System rating: 160 W continuous, 640 W peak
  • Universal U-bracket included
  • 70.7/100-V transformer accessory optional
  • NL4 cover plate accessory optional
  • (6) M8 threaded suspension points
  • Freq. Response1 (-3 dB): 110 Hz - 16 kHz
  • Freq. Range1 (-10 dB): 65 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Rotatable Coverage: 90° x 50°
  • Rec. High-Pass Frequency: 90 Hz
  • Passive Crossover Freq.: 2600 Hz
  • Axial Sensitivity1: 92 dB (1 W/1 m)
  • Max. Calculated SPL1: 120 dB
  • Passive Power Handling2: 160 W continuous, 640 W peak
  • Impedance: 8 ohms (nominal), 6.0 ohms (min.)
  • LF Transducer: ICT-6.5-8, 6.5” (165mm) driver
  • HF Transducer: ICT-1-8, 1.3” (33mm) diaphragm compression driver
  • Connectors: Single 4-Pin 12 AWG Phoenix/Euro Block screw-terminals
  • Enclosure: 9-ply hardwood plywood with textured paint
  • Grille: 18 GA steel with cloth
  • Environmental: IEC 60529
  • Suspension: (6) M8 threaded suspension points
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 8.21” x 14.56” x 8.14” (208.4mm x 369.7mm x 206.7mm)
  • Net Weight: 14.4 lb (6.5 kg)
  • Shipping Weight: 20.1 lb (9.1 kg)

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