Electro-Voice F.01U.272.399 QRX218S 1200-Watt Compact Dual 18in Subwoofer



The QRx-218S is a dedicated subwoofer system that features the excellent low-frequency capabilities of two powerful EVX-180B 18-inch drivers with 4-inch voice coils. In the QRx-218S, these drivers are front-mounted in a compact enclosure that is tuned to 36 Hz and delivers solid bass fundamentals. The 1,200-watt continuous, 4,800-watt peak power capacity of the QRx-218S easily provides 133 dB SPL continuous, 139 dB peak output capability at 1 meter. The QRx-218S enclosure has EV’s recessed comfort-lift handles on the top and the bottom of the enclosure so the box can be lifted easily. On the back of the standard versions of the enclosure are two sealed pocket wheels at the bottom and two handles at the top of the system so it can be tilted back and moved comfortably by one person. On the rigging versions of the QRx-218S, there are two L-tracks on the top and bottom of the enclosure to allow the system to be hung horizontally or vertically. The standard versions of the QRx-218S are also equipped with a metal 1-3/8-inch mounting socket and are shipped with a 34-inch pole to allow elevation of full-range speakers above the sub. The QRx-218S enclosure is built of 13-ply, void-free, grain-oriented birch plywood that is coated with Futura, a sprayed on polyurethane finish that is very rugged and weather resistant. The drivers are protected from damage by a 16-gauge powder-coated steel grille with fabric backing. The enclosure is available in black or white finishes, with or without the rigging hardware. When paired with a powerful, high-quality amplifier such as EV’s P1201 Modular Precision Series or the P3000 Precision Series units, the QRx-218S can augment the performance of even the finest sound systems with high levels of extended bass response.


  • Compact, high-output dual 18-inch sub with concert-proven EVX-180B woofers
  • Available in black and by special order in white or with L-track rigging
  • Rear-mounted tilt-back pocket wheels allow one person to move the system (not available on rigging version)
  • EV comfort-lift handles
  • Comes with metal socket and 34-inch pole for elevating two-way system (not available on rigging version)
  • 13-ply birch plywood enclosure finished in Futura(TM)


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