Fire-Lite W-DIS-D SWIFT Wireless Display Driver


Product Overview

FireLite® Alarms' SWIFT® (Smart Wireless Integrated Fire Technology) Wireless System can be applied in many situations that are problematic for traditional wired devices. In cases where areas of a building are difficult or impossible to wire, visually sensitive, or have restricted access, SWIFT wireless sensors provide an efficient, reliable solution.

SWIFT wireless devices communicate via a proprietary wireless mesh protocol to communicate with FireLite fire alarm systems by means of a SWIFT wireless gateway. The SWIFT gateway connects to the SLC loop of an ES-200X, ES-50X, MS-9200UDLS or MS9600(UD)LS panel using LiteSpeed™ protocol. New type IDs for wireless devices are supported (for the ES-200X and ES-50X only) that allow the FACP to display all events such as alarms and trouble indications, as well as unique trouble conditions required for wireless devices. This capability eliminates the need for a supplementary annunciator for wireless event messages.

Wireless devices in a SWIFT network develop "parent-child" communication links with other devices in the mesh, so that a message originating from a remote device "hops" to the closest parent device, and then to successive parent devices until the message reaches gateway. Alternate paths are also identified and supervised by the SWIFT protocol providing approved Class A wireless communication. If a device does not have an established communication path with adequate signal strength, an additional device such as a wireless module may be installed in between so that it will act as a repeater.

A SWIFT gateway system supports up to 50 devices: 1 SWIFT gateway and up to 49 wireless detectors, modules, pullstations, and A/V bases when used with the ES-200X or ES-50X. The MS-9200UDLS and MS-9600(UD)LS can supports a SWIFT gateway and up to 48 detectors, modules, pullstations, A/V bases, and 1 display driver. The maximum number of gateways on a system is limited by the number of available SLC addresses on the FACP, or a maximum of 4 gateways within common wireless range. One W-DIS-D Wireless Display Driver and ANN-80-W Annunciator are required with each W-GATE installed in a system using the MS-9200UDLS or MS9600(UD)LS control panels. The W-DIS-D and ANN-80-W display wireless-specific events that cannot be displayed on the FACP.

The SWIFT system has been designed so that it can be installed using only typical hand tools and magnets. However, the SWIFT Tools PC utility provides many benefits that can enhance the process of performing a site evaluation (Site Survey), installing a system (Mesh Configuration), or extracting detailed information from the system (Diagnostics). The utility runs on a Windows® laptop, and uses a USB radio antenna (W-USB) inserted into a USB slot to communicate with wireless devices within range of the PC. Once devices have formed a mesh, SWIFT Tools can provide current information on all devices in the mesh as long as the PC is within range of the SWIFT Gateway.

The result is a fire system that combines both wired and wireless detection and presents all event information at the panel and/or network displays, when used, and a display driver/annunciator, when required.

  • Wireless mesh technology (902-928 MHz frequency)
  • Cascading-wave mesh operation provides a verification of redundant communication paths
  • Any wireless device can be added to act as a repeater
  • Each gateway supports up to 50 addresses: 1 wireless gateway, 1 display driver, if required, and up to 49 devices
  • Up to 4 wireless networks can be installed with overlapping radio network coverage
General Information
Name: Fire-Lite W-DIS-D SWIFT Wireless Display Driver, Honeywell International, Inc, Fire-Lite Alarms by Honeywell
Category: Fire-Lite Alarms by Honeywell, Fire, Fire Control Panels, Fire Detection Devices, Annunciators, Detector Parts & Accessories
UPC Code: 783008111823
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