Grandstream GWN7630 802.11ac Wave 2 4x4:4 Wireless Access Point


Grandstream GWN7630 is a high-powered wireless access point for applications like SMBs, multiple floor offices, and commercial spaces. GWN7630 uses 4 internal antennas to offer dual-band 4x4:4 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi, ideal for locations where many different devices are connecting to Wi-Fi simultaneously. It can handle more than 200 concurrent clients. The access point has a maximum wireless throughput of 2.33 Gbps.

Grandstream GWN7630 has a maximum wireless range of 175m to cover large areas in enterprise-class Wi-Fi. Protect your communications with professional security options, including WPA2 Enterprise. Advanced QoS controls help you optimize data traffic. The embedded managers can manage up to 50 local GWN series access points. Power the AP through the network cable using PoE.

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