Honeywell HNMPE128C120T10 MAXPRO Series 128-Channel Enterprise 4K NVR, 120TB


Product Overview

Honeywell's MAXPRO NVR PE is an open, flexible and scalable Enterprise IP video surveillance system. Utilizing Honeywell's high definition cameras, MAXPRO NVR PE is a powerful, high definition IP recording system with support for standards, remote viewing clients for enterprise installations.

Open - Broad Device Integrations

  • Integrates to full line of Honeywell IP cameras and HVE encoders
  • Support for ONVIF Profile S, PSIA, real time streaming protocol (RTSP) standards
  • Native device integrations supporting equIP® Series cameras' new features: 4K resolution, H.265 video compression codec, 3D PTZ control, 360° camera and multi-imager camera support, and intelligence events
  • Single channel license (8, 16, 32, 64 or 128 channels) for Encoders and multi-imager 360° cameras
  • Keyboard control with UltraKey Plus and UltraKey Lite over ethernet.

Easy to Install and Use - Turnkey Solution

  • Pre-installed with all required software and pre-licensed for 32, 48, 64 or 128 channels with no extra channel license costs
  • NVR Software version includes all required applications and licenses for up to 128 channels
  • Easy 3-Click wizard to live video for auto configuration - quick and efficient IP system install
  • Simple and logical configuration pages make setup a breeze even for the novice installer
  • Supports simultaneous recording, live monitoring, search and system management for up to 128 IP cameras including high definition formats with easy to use clients
  • Easy to use desktop clients, web client and mobile apps
  • Intelligence events from cameras can be viewed at the alarm panel, and trigger recording on MAXPRO NVRs for further investigation
  • Learn One, Know them All - Common feature-rich user experience across the MAXPRO NVR Family and MAXPRO VMS / Viewer provides familiarity across a broad range of Honeywell products saving training costs

Scalable Integrated Security Solution

  • Multiple MAXPRO NVRs deployed for system expansion using a distributed architecture and integrated with the MAXPRO Viewer multisite software or MAXPRO VMS enterprise video management system
  • Integration with Honeywell WIN-PAK® and Pro-Watch® Access Control Systems providing an integrated Access Control, Intrusion and Video solution

Enterprise class NVR Hardware

  • Provides the processor and RAID enclosure in one chassis, resulting in both space and cost savings
  • RAID 5 and 6 support for video storage is available through a hardware-based RAID controller, removes the loading on the processor that software RAID can bring
  • Convenient web browser interface to manage the RAID controller
  • Rack mountable with dual redundant power supplies and mirrored 2.5" operating and application solid state drives (SSDs) for high availability
  • 12 removable storage drives with more reliable and robust SAS hard drives used for video storage
  • Four 1 GB NICs are optimized to separate record and viewing data to ensure 100% recording and smooth playback even with multiple client connections
Main Features
  • Up to 128 number of channels to address large size requirements
  • Allows the camera to record at greater image per second levels
  • Operate it from anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet
  • USB port for easy sync/connectivity
  • Ethernet port for easy and efficient network connectivity
General Information
Name: Honeywell HNMPE128C120T10 MAXPRO Series 128-Channel Enterprise 4K NVR, 120TB, Honeywell International, Inc, Honeywell Commercial Security
Category: Honeywell Commercial Security, Video Surveillance, Recording Devices, NVRs
UPC Code: 886618400490

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