Silent Knight EVS-100W Voice Evacuation Amplifier Module


Product Overview

The EVS-100W is an intelligent 50/100 watt amplifier for use with Version 14.0 or newer 5820XL-EVS. The EVS-100W is used to amplify audio message for distribution throughout a facility. The EVS-100W is capable of producing up to 100 watts of audio power and has the ability to provide an option for 50 watts of backup power.

Main Features:

  • Built in backup amplifier test feature allows you to physically test that the backup amplifier is operating properly
  • Up to four amplifiers per 5820XL-EVS or 6820EVS distributed between up to 32 audio circuits
  • Amplifier Bandwidth 400 Hz to 4000 Hz
  • Six-wire connection to EVS system: Two-wires for the voice bus and four-wires for the SBUS connections
  • Can be mounted up to 6000 feet away from 5820XL-EVS or 6820EVS control panel
  • UL 864 and UL 2572
  • UL listed for Continuous or ANSI 520Hz speaker tones that meet NFPA 72 Low Frequency Signal Requirements for Sleeping Areas. See the FACP manual for a list of compatible speakers
  • 120 VAC or 240 VAC operation
General Information
Name: Silent Knight EVS-100W Voice Evacuation Amplifier Module, Honeywell International, Inc, Silent Knight by Honeywell
Category: Silent Knight by Honeywell, Fire, Voice Evacuation Systems
UPC Code: 783196014111
Country of Origin: United States. Country of origin is subject to change.

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