Juke Audio Sky Speakers 2 Pack / 2 Speakers


Product Overview:

High-performance 8" in-ceiling speaker with full range sound coverage via 2-way woofer and pivoting tweeter. Designed as the optimal speaker for pairing with the Juke multi-room amplifiers.   

Incredible Sound Quality

Enjoy rich and full sound with an 8” woofer and 2-way sound coverage along with a pivoting tweeter used to angle the sound to the ideal direction in the room.

Low Profile Aesthetic

Enjoy your audio without seeing any visible wires through a sleek flush mount design embedded into the ceiling with a white magnetic grill. You can also paint the grills to match a specific color in a room.


Perfectly Paired

While the Sky Speaker can be used with a wide range of 8-ohm amplifiers, these Sky Speakers were designed for optimal functionality with the Juke multi-room streaming amplifier

Quick Install

With a unique weighted installation mechanism, you can quickly mount the sky speaker onto the sheetrock without the need for any additional tools or brackets.

Insert the tool into the rivets around the perimeter, twist it, and the speakers latch into place. Simple as that.

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