Juke JUKE-6 Zone Amplifier With Rack Mount


Product Overview:

Power speakers across every room with the Juke multi-room amplifier and control all aspects of the system wirelessly via the easy-to-use app.  

Multi-Room Amplification

The Juke-6 powers 6 independent audio zones (12 speaker channels) and the Juke-8 powers 8 zones (16 channels) making it an ideal audio solution for connecting passive in-ceiling and in-wall speakers across an entire house or building.

Need more than 8 zones? Add multiple Jukes to the network and all the zones will appear in the same app allowing you to connect to and stream across all the rooms.

Full Wireless Control

Control all components of your system from the palm of your hand with the Juke Audio application available for Android and Apple.

- Play to any combination of zones

- Independent volume slider for every zone

-  Support streams from multiple users/devices simultaneously

Also accessible on PCs via the web interface.

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