Juniper Networks NFX250-S1 10X10/100/1000BASE-T Ports 2X100/1000BASE-XSFP Ports


The NFX250 Network Services Platform is a secure, automated, software-driven CPE platform that delivers virtualized network and security services on demand. An integral part of Juniper's fully automated Cloud CPE solution suite for NFV, this highperformance virtualized services platform helps service providers improve overall operational efficiency and service agility while empowering enterprise customers with immediate access to custom-designed managed services. Simultaneously supporting multiple Juniper and third-party VNFs on a single device and providing built-in, dynamic, policy-based routing, the NFX250 addresses the needs of small to midsize businesses as well as large multinational or distributed enterprises with a single, highly scalable solution. The Juniper Networks® Cloud CPE solution allows users to create and deliver network services with agility at scale, enabling service providers to deliver innovative services from the data center or at the customer edge. While traditional customer premises equipment (CPE) devices have served the market well for years, they do not provide the flexibility and the scalability required for this new, agile deployment model. As a result, service providers typically employ diverse proprietary and closed platforms that inhibit innovation and complicate configuration, provisioning, and management.

Juniper Networks NFX250 Network Services Platform eliminates the challenges associated with deploying, managing, maintaining, and evolving CPE. Leveraging Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and built on the Juniper Cloud CPE solution, the NFX250 allows service providers to deploy and service chain multiple, secure, high-performance virtual network functions (VNFs) in a single device. This automated, software-driven solution dynamically provisions new services on demand, resulting in a near instantaneous service delivery experience. Subsequent service updates and policy changes can be dynamically inserted into the existing device, resulting in operational efficiency for service providers and enterprise customers alike by limiting or even eliminating service interruptions and business disruption.

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