Keyscan KR40L iCLASS SE Smart Card


Product Overview

Keyscan iCLASS® cards and readers make access control more powerful, more versatile and offer enhanced security through data encryption and mutual authentication between the card and reader.

iCLASS readers are user-friendly, delivering the same convenience and reliability of HID's world-renowned proximity technology, with state-of-the-art features, driven by evolving industry requirements. Upgrading from Proximity to iCLASS technology has never been so simple. All iCLASS readers provide the same wiring connections, low-current consumption and 5 to 16 volt operation as our proximity readers.

Additionally, you can easily migrate your proximity format access control readers and credentials to iCLASS credentials making the transition completely transparent.
General Information
Name: Keyscan KR40L iCLASS SE Smart Card, dormakaba Holding, Keyscan by dormakaba
Category: Keyscan by dormakaba, Access Control, Keypads & Readers, Smart Readers
UPC Code: 800168004977
Country of Origin: Mexico. Country of origin is subject to change.

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