Leon TRSUB-12 Terra Outdoor 12" Partial Burial Subwoofer


Product Overview

The Terra TrSUB-12 is a powerful, weather proof partial burial subwoofer that provides powerful, authoritative bass in the backyard, the garden or around the pool. Its water-tight rotationally molded Polyethylene enclosure is completely impervious to the elements and since it’s totally sealed there’s no concern about insects or small animals getting side and doing damage. The internal custom-built cast aluminum 12-inch woofer is a study in high performance, low distortion and all weather reliability. The TrSUB-12 is designed to be partially buried 2/3 of the way into the ground leaving its top exposed.
Main Features
  • Seamless, one-piece indestructible Polyethylene plastic cabinet
  • Rust-proof cast alloy 12" driver frame
  • Above ground or partial burial installation stainless steel mesh grille to reduces debris build up
General Information
Name: Leon TRSUB-12 Terra Outdoor 12" Partial Burial Subwoofer, Leon Speakers, Inc., Leon Speakers
Category: Leon Speakers, Pro AV, Commercial Audio, Pro Subwoofers

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