MARINCO 10036788 50' Cordset with European Plug, 16A 230V, Yellow


Strap it on for bright, hands-free light for chores in the dark, outdoors or below decks

Four Ultrabright LEDs power you through the darkest conditions with 45 lumens of brightness at distances to 29 meters (high), 18 meters (medium), 12 meters (low) and four lighting modes. The LEDs are safe forever inside a tough waterproof housing designed to survive severe impacts and water submersions up to one meter. The wide beam of the Quad is perfect for tasks around the deck or in the cabin and bright enough to check the rigging.

"Intelligent" regulated circuitry also allows the use of lithium batteries which reduce the Quad's weight to 2.8oz and provide enhanced performance in extremely cold conditions. With LEDs that maintain constant brightness and a battery power meter, this light just might be smarter than you are! Runs on three AAA batteries.

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