Mircom TX3-CX-4-A TX3 Series 4-Door Controller


Product Overview

The TX3-CX-4K-A controller conveniently houses two 2-door controller boards providing a 4-door system kit. The chassis can hold up to four 2-door controller boards in total, providing the provision to add two additional 2-door controller boards to extend the number of doors

Main Features
  • The system comes with 4 TX3-P300-HA card readers and one IP module, which can allow property managers/programmers to program the system remotely
  • The system can also be connected with additional control panels using RS-485 (up to 63 boards)
  • TX3 Series Access Control System can integrate with all TX3 series control panels (Keypad Voice Entry, Touch Voice Entry, Elevator Restriction), making property managers life simple and easy
General Information
Name: Mircom TX3-CX-4-A TX3 Series 4-Door Controller, Mircom
Category: Mircom, Access Control, Control Panels, Control Panels, Control Panel Modules
UPC Code: 999999521791
Country of Origin: Canada. Country of origin is subject to change.

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