MOBOTIX MX-M16TB-R237 Outdoor Network Thermographic Camera w/ R237 Thermal Lens

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Take perimeter and fire prevention to a whole new level with the M16B Outdoor Network Thermographic Camera with R237 Thermal Lens from MOBOTIX. Equipped with an uncooled microbolometer image sensor, this camera captures 336 x 252 resolution thermal video. The R237 thermal lens features a 17° horizontal field of view and a 7.5 to 13.5µm IR sensitivity range.

Designed as a modular dual-lens system, this M16B can be customized with a separately available optical image sensor to capture thermal and optical images simultaneously. With the optical sensor of your choice added to the camera, you're able to take advantage of the M16B's thermal overlay function, which enables you to easily pinpoint the exact location of hotspots, such as smoldering fires, in an optical image. Moreover, thermal radiation measurements made across the entire image area can be used to trigger an event—such as a camera alarm, a network message, or activation of a signal output—based on the temperature rising above or falling below an predefined trigger level.

The M16B has a built-in microphone and speaker for two-way audio communication, as well as an internal microSD card slot for onboard storage of footage (4GB card preinstalled). Integrated PoE technology simplifies connectivity by transferring data and power over one cable. The camera is IP66-rated for outdoor use and can be managed remotely via the MxManagementCenter VMS for Windows & Mac systems or via the MOBOTIX app for iOS devices

Mx6 2nd-generation system platform with MxBus and H.264

ONVIF Profile S compliant (audio support with camera firmware V5.2.x and higher)

Modular dual-lens design enables you to add an optional 6MP optical sensor module to the thermal camera (optical lenses of various fixed focal lengths available separately)

  • Calibrated image sensor
  • Thermal radiometry (TR) temperature measurement of each pixel in the whole image area
  • Up to 20 independent temperature events
  • Accuracy up to +/- 50°F

Horizontal/vertical thermal field of 17°/13°

Onboard recording on internal microSD card (4GB included)

Integrated microphone and speaker

Video analysis includes video motion detector and MxActivitySensor

MxActivitySensor can also be used in total darkness

PoE power consumption of under 10W

Camera and data security includes user and group management, SSL connections, IP-based access control, IEEE 802.1x network access control, intrusion detection, and digital image signature

USB interface to connect to external USB device

RJ45 Ethernet

Digital zoom and pan

Genetec protocol integration

Programming interface (HTTP-API)

Programmable exposure zones

Snapshot recording (pre-/post-alarm images)

Continuous recording with audio

Event recording with audio

Bidirectional audio in browser

VoIP telephony (audio, alert)

Customized voice messages

Privacy zone scheduling

PIR sensor

Temperature sensor

Playback and QuadView via web browser

Time controlled flexible event logic

Event video and image transfer via FTP and email

Weekly schedules for recordings and actions

Master/slave communication

Animated logos on image

Remote alarm notification

MxMessageSystem for sending and receiving MxMessages

MxManagementCenter VMS for Windows & Mac PCs

MOBOTIX mobile app compatible with iOS 6.0 and above

RS-232 interface via optional MX-232-IO-Box

Wall, pole, or ceiling mountable

Wall and ceiling mount included

Temperature Events

The MX-M16TB-R237 can be programmed to automatically activate alarms based on the temperature rising above or falling below predefined limits, which helps to detect potential fire sources. Up to 20 different temperature triggers can be defined at the same time using so-called TR (Thermal Radiometry) windows within the temperature range of -40 to 1022°F. In this way critical situations can be analyzed in the control room and measures for fire prevention can be taken timely. Thermal radiometry also allows critical assets such as emergency generators, wind turbines, and radio stations to be monitored and tested remotely.

Respecting Privacy

The thermal profiles detected by the thermal image sensor shroud the identity of people, ensuring their privacy. The M16B can be set to automatically switch from thermal sensor to optical sensor (available separately) as soon as an object or person moves into a relevant surveillance area to secure high-resolution optical video evidence.

Thermal Overlay

Featuring thermal overlay functionality, the M16B makes it easy to localize hotspots in optical images. A separately available optical image sensor must be installed in the camera to take advantage of this functionality.


The M16B is PoE compatible and has a low power consumption of only 6W.

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