PBN-TECH CAPKIT Capturra Action Drive Kit 1TB


High Speed Automatic Offloading & Evidence Storage Drive – Dual Use

Capturra Action Drive Kit provides investigators with data transfer tools and storage that are designed specifically for Investigators.

Capturra has a 1TB storage drive, the small size of this hard drive ensures users can take it with them wherever they go, the Capturra can be used for off loading large files, from devices such as a DVR or photos from a cameras SD Card.

Capturra comes supplied with a high speed 3.0 data transfer drive, this can save an investigator upto 2 hours when compared to a USB 2.0 data transfer system, typically used with all types of surveillance recording devices.

Investigators need to protect their evidence in the most secure manner, trusting a 3rd party to handle case files is not best practice.

The Capturra drives most useful function for a busy PI is its ability to automatically scan and duplicate data from a device, this means users just need to connect the target device and the Capturra drive to the same computer and point Capturra to the devices file system on the computer.

Press Duplicate and all the files will be duplicated from the device or devices SD card, the system can also ignore duplicate content or content already stored on the Capturra drive.

Capturra is also a very useful Investigative tool which can be deployed on client devices, use the Capturra to duplicate photos and videos from any type of digital device, the Capturra process turns a labor-intensive inspection into an automatic process which allows Investigators can take away their findings for review. Cutting hours of time out of the process of the digital Investigation.

See the table below to see examples of each tools use:

Investigation Tools and Accessories Investigative Uses
Capturra Action Drive 1TB External Portable Hard Drive Automatically offload & Store Photos & Videos. Perform Image and Video Sweeps on target device. Automatic data capture, automatic folder creation per processed device.
USB 3.0 Card Reader USB 3.0 Media Reader which can save hours of time when offloading hours of video or audio surveillance files.


If you offload directly from the surveillance devices which usually only support USB 2.0, it can be 10x slower than using a USB 3.0 reader to read directly from the MicroSD cards.

3-in-1 OTG Adapter with Apple Lightning, USB-C, and Micro USB Connecters Multi OTG Adapter for optimized viewing options across all Phones and tablets including iPhone & Android
Hard Shell Carrying Case Small Hard Shell Compartmentalized Case

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