PBN-TECH CLK Cloakey – Portable Online Privacy USB


Cloakey Portable Anti Tracking browser

Launch Instantly and get untracked access to Anonymous Internet browsing

Bypass Censored Websites

Does not install to Local PC

Launch directly from the Cloakey USB Drive

Onboard Encryption and Password Manager

  • Complete Online Privacy Anywhere
  • USB Based Privacy App Launcher
  • Encrypt Your Drive for Ultimate Security
  • Works with Windows 7, 8, 10, & 11
  • Browse the Internet without being Monitored.
  • Defeats Computer Network Surveillance
  • Bypass Censored Websites
  • Stops your online activities from being Tracked.
  • Built in Password Manager with Password Protection


Cloakey provides everyone with the tools to browse the internet without having to worry if you are being monitored or tracked.

Internet Tracking is performed on a massive scale by multiple parties including:


Search Engines

All mainstream websites track data, whenever we use the internet, our activities are being tracked, whether it’s a big data company, employer, or something more sinister.

Internet companies track your online habits because they want to learn about your interests to show advertisements which they believe will be suited to you.

Internet Privacy is almost non existent in todays world, the ability to do something online without anyone tracking or knowing what you are doing, is now a very difficult task, if you need to perform sensitive research or remain anonymous whilst online, you need Cloakey.

Everyone needs to perform some private online research from time to time, using Cloakey can provide this and overcome many of the tracking vulnerabilities a user faces:



Most employers maintain some form of IT system monitoring to help keep track of an employee’s computer activity, internet history, time spent on certain websites – it’s all tracked.

Aside from big data companies and employers tracking user activities, internet users need protection from the biggest threat:


Cyber Criminals

Cyber criminals rely on regular folks to trust their devices, save passwords to their devices and behave as though cybercrime does not exist and everything you do online is safe.

42% of US citizens fell victim to some form of Cyber-crime in 2022

Cyber-crimes are mostly initiated to commit some form of Fraud, fraudsters are looking for ways to gain your personal data, passwords, banking info, the main focus is to steal from victims.

Identity Theft, Romance scams, Phishing emails and even something that appears harmless such as spamming, these are just a few of many ways online fraudsters are actively seeking to commit frauds online.


The Solution to staying Anonymous Online

Cloakey allows users to become anonymous online.

Insert Cloakey into any Windows PC and launch Private Internet browsers directly from the USB, this method ensures you do not utilize any trackable network resources.

Even if you are at work on a work computer, you can insert Cloakey into the USB port and perform internet searches without any type of digital monitoring being able to track what you are doing.

Cloakey has some other useful tools inside to help keep you safe online and protect yourself from cybercrime.

Use the built in password protected password manager to store all of your passwords for all websites you visit.

Make a record of important information on the Cloakey using the notepad app.

Cloakey is designed to allow everyone to use the most private internet browsing tools available, no subscriptions, the most secure access to the most secure internet browsing tools forever.

The Cloakey USB is designed to fit on a keychain.

Wherever you go, Cloakey goes with you Easily accessible at times when you need that extra layer of security, online.




You may want to put a browser on a USB drive for a variety of reasons.

Maybe you just want a portable browser. Maybe you want to be able to launch a private browser from other computers.

Maybe you want to take all your bookmarks and usernames and passwords with you.

Whatever your reason:

You need to know the risks and alternatives before you jump right into it.

Let’s first answer the question of if you can put a browser on a USB drive?

The short answer is yes, you can.


The Risks

It’s not easy and there are unseen risks which we have identified during rigorous testing performed by our IT Security team.

The biggest risk is that when you use your portable USB browser on another computer, all your activity is stored on that computer.

For every computer your use your browser on, a user profile is created on that computer and all your browsing data is stored there.

Cache files, history, usernames and passwords, autofill data, etc.

All of this data from your USB based browser gets automatically stored on the PC you run the browser from.


If you install Firefox, for example, to a USB drive, you must first select the proper version to download from the Firefox website.

You can then instruct it to install to your USB drive.


However, all your browsing data will be stored to whatever computer you use it on.

This is not secure, especially if you log into any website using a username and password.


You may find portable versions of Firefox that are meant to install to a USB drive and keep all user data stored to that drive.

Unfortunately, these are difficult to find and come from unknown and possibly dangerous websites.


Before trusting such unknown alterations of browsers, you may want to consider a commercial tool like Cloakey by PBN-TEC.

If you need peace of mind online and the ability to browse without being tracked, use Cloakey when you need a secure untracked browsing experience.

Cloakey USB includes a full suite of Privacy browsing tools.

When you first run Cloakey, it quickly walks you through the easy setup process to install Firefox as a portable private browser on the USB drive.

Note that Cloakey does not include Firefox but facilitates the correct and most secure installation of Firefox as one of the options we provide in the privacy browser options. Cloakey  contains the user data on the USB drive rather than on the computer(s) you use it on.

This makes the Cloakey process much more secure as you can insert it into any Windows computer and it will not leave any trace on the computer and no user profile will be created on the computer you used Cloakey on.

Each time you launch Firefox from the Cloakey interface on the USB drive, it automatically runs in Private mode, ensuring your data stays on the USB drive.

Cloakey even allows you to easily import your bookmarks and autofill data such as usernames and passwords into your Firefox private browser from your personal computer.

To prevent unwanted access from lost or stolen Cloakey drives, Cloakey has the option of encrypting the entire drive.

Cloakey provides the security of full drive encryption, if users wish to store important data on their Cloakey, the ability to encrypt all data is available.

You can use Cloakey on public computers, hotel business centers, or anywhere you want, knowing your internet browsing data will not be saved to the computer you are using.

Cloakey also has Password management and an onboard note pad and comes included with 32GB of internal storage.

Anonymous Browsing Tools are widely used by Professionals across many Industries.

Here are some examples of user groups who utilize Anonymous browsing tools:

Journalism and Investigative Reporting:

Journalists and investigative reporters often use anonymous browsing to protect their sources and maintain confidentiality. It allows them to research sensitive topics, communicate securely, and access information without revealing their identity.

Cybersecurity and Privacy Professionals:

Professionals working in cybersecurity and privacy industries frequently use anonymous browsing to test website vulnerabilities, analyze potential threats, and evaluate the effectiveness of security measures.

Whistleblowers and Activists:

Whistleblowers and activists may rely on anonymous browsing to share sensitive information or expose wrongdoing while protecting their identities. It helps them avoid surveillance and potential retaliation.

Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies:

In certain cases, law enforcement agencies and intelligence organizations use anonymous browsing to conduct undercover investigations, gather information discreetly, and monitor criminal activities without raising suspicion.

Researchers and Competitive Analysts:

Researchers and analysts may utilize anonymous browsing to gather data, analyze competitors, and study market trends without disclosing their identity or intentions. It allows them to avoid biased results or data manipulation.

Government Officials and Diplomats:

Government officials and diplomats may use anonymous browsing to maintain privacy while conducting research, accessing classified information, or communicating with other agencies or foreign entities.

Human Rights Defenders:

Individuals and organizations working in the field of human rights often rely on anonymous browsing to protect themselves and the people they advocate for. It helps them access censored content, communicate securely, and raise awareness without compromising their safety.



  • PC Compatible
  • Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • Encryption Available on the following versions of Windows:

o   Ultimate and Enterprise editions of Windows Vista and Windows 7.

o   Pro and Enterprise editions of Windows 8 and 8.1.

o   Pro, Enterprise, and Education editions of Windows 10.

o   Pro, Enterprise, and Education editions of Windows 11.

o   Windows Server 2008 and later.

Note: Cloakey that are encrypted on supporting operating systems may not be used on unsupported systems as they cannot open the encrypted drives.

Do not utilize the encryption feature if you may need to use your Cloakey on an unsupported operating system.

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