PBN-TECH K-BANK-OTG – Long Life Covert Audio Recorder 150 Days Standby


K-BANK-OTG – Powerbank Audio Recorder with Premium Sound Capture Capabilities

Professional Covert Audio Recorder with Continuous and Voice Activated Recording Options.

OTG Optimized – – Review Audio through any Computer, Tablet or Phone

  • Covert Professional Audio Recorder Powerbank
  • Continuous, Voice Activated and Scheduling Modes
  • Time & Date File Stamping
  • Playback on any Computer, Tablet or Phone
  • 576 Hours of Internal Storage 16GB
  • 150 Days of Standby Battery
  • Record Crystal Clear Sound from upto 40 FT away
  • Mic Sensitivity Adjustment Settings


Widely Used by Investigators for over 5 years.

The K-BANK-OTG is small enough to go anywhere and can be used for long term surveillance, with a standby battery of over 150 days.

The devices internal 16GB memory is enough storage for upto 576 hours of audio.

Record continuously on one charge for upto 160 hours.


Covert Device

K-Bank-OTG is also a 3000 MAh Powerbank which can be used in plain sight to charge a device like a phone.


Tried & Trusted Solution

The K-BANK-OTG Audio recorder is a tried and trusted solution to hundreds of Investigators who need the best sound quality available.

K-Bank-OTG has onboard software which includes SVOS mic sensitivity adjustment.

Users can adjust the K-BANK-OTG to capture human voice, this ensures even a light whisper can be picked up from a distance.


Specifications – K-BANK-OTG

Product Dimensions 4.30 x 3.10 x 0.77 inches
Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required
Memory 16GB
Storage 576 Hours
Standby 150 Days
Power USB
Time & Date Stamp Yes
Voice Activated Mode Yes
Microphone Capture Range 40 FT
Auto Level Control – ALC Yes
Warranty Period 1 Year
Country of Origin Korea


K-BANK-OTG is an advanced audio recorder with excellent features, yet extremely easy to use.

Used by hundrreds of investigators and Law Enfrocement for many years, the device is also very popular with business professionals who want

to record important discussions.

3 Operation Modes

The Device only has one button but the device has the ability to record in three modes:

Scheduled – Scheduled recording needs to be configured on a computer.

Continuous – Activated by Switch

Voice Activated – Activated by Switch

Users who need to record instantly can easily put the device into continuous recording mode.

Users who need to record when sound is detected just need to switch to VOX mode.

Users who want to schedule recordings can easily configure the time and date they want to record.

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